Let Nothing Trouble You

  • PS. Or maybe he is about to "miss the boat"...? in whatever way that may be...

  • I sensed he's returned to feelings of mortality again and is anxious about aging. The same feelings he had a few years ago when he was wanting a change. His birthday is no celebration this year...he feels old and unattractive. He may put on a fake front but it's a lie. I think you will either hear from him or hear about him.


  • Oh well, I am not going to feel sorry for him. He has all that counts to him, money, his children and grandchildren, and a younger girlfriend for convenience ;), not to forget his wife to argue with from time to time, lol. He generally doesn't seem to celebrate his birthday, he usually manages to be travelling on business. I'll send him a note on that day, maybe he will answer with some news, or not... It will be three years since the last tilrpe I saw him! If I hear from him it can only be directly, I am not in touch with anyone who knows him.

  • I can't believe it, they cleaned up the forum! I asked them on Facebook a couple of days ago but I didn't expect them to be so thorough. Wonder how long it will last this time.

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  • You were right, I did hear from the Scorpio. He doesn't say much,only that he has finished a building project and the time is to sell hotel they had made out of a country mansion, which seemd to be difficult. He mainly asks about me and wants to hear my news. I have not answered yet.

    Hope you are well.

    Much love.

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  • Is that the same project he showed off way back? I remember an instance we talked about. You were looking forward to a mutual interest visit and he bored you with his latest project and not only were you not impressed but you thought most of his ideas were unrealistic. He has plenty to share but will pretend he's doing fine. Of course, if you connect you will sniff out the truth. It is both what he loves about you and yet resists. Same circle....different day ; ).

  • Ha ha ha, you remember. No, this is yet another project and according to him, all his building projects are now finalised. He doesn't say where he is living though, but I expect it is the top floor of one of his buildings, without a lift, lol. I think his girlfriend is a younger woman, and he is a strong man, no problem for now. I don't think she lives with him though, his daughter would not like that. His next project is selling the country house, which he doesn't expect to go fast. He had converted it into a hotel, so it pays for itself if nothing else. He seemed more ready to enquire about me than to talk about himself. I only answered today, giving him limited news.

    The weather is lovely, cold and sunny :). It gives me the energy to clear out cupboards. I did that yesterday and plan to continue today.

    Much love

    Picture of the child in you 😉 by Renoir

  • Perfect painting choice!! Very me.......I miss the child in ME....I think responsibility has been my savior AND my nemesis. She looks so innocent yet master Renoir has captured the weight of the world over her sweet head. Happy new moon! Yes, love the cooler weather here too....it energizes me as well but need the moon to get going. I'm working in my home right now.....purging, fixing painting. As for the Scorpio.....he has busied himself in work and left little room for retrospective insight that is needed to change. He did have the right intention when you two were participating in a honest friendship. You both were in a position to really make the scary leaps into the unknown to liberate yourselves....he had a chance to see you as good counsel and help each other see through the fear of the unknown. You moved passed him and he regressed and let himself slide back into that comfort zone....but the price is not feeling liberated. I think he had to have something positive to tell you as he knows what he's done and telling himself and you that he's let business go and has room again is his way of looking for approval.The extra time and energy not pumped into work leaves him alone with himself and clueless as to "now what? ".......he won't say it but he's empty and lonely and bored with himself and thinking too much how little time he may have left. The girlfriend is just a habit....a very old habit. She does not reflect for him any sense of goodness or honor in himself. As his children age the distance will increase and he will not be able to claim any real responsibility or control over them. I see his wife as not being well. She has continual little illnesses and suffers with depression. I know you said she was queen bee but right now I see her as losing that perch and becoming invisible slowly to her family. Her controlling and manipulating ways are not working well. HE is back to square one of wanting a real change. You are one of the very few people who is honest without fear of not pleasing him.......you do not want anything from him other than being treated with respect and honest open admiration. Appreciated. He has to give up his ego and answer to honesty for you to participate in friendship...you see through him anyway. I also see he had a health scare but is in denial. He can change it for now but it will be a problem if he does not listen. Wake up call! BLESSINGS!.........PS..How is your shoulder doing?

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