Cancer man broke up... will he come back?

  • 4years of friendship and 2 years relationship... in those 2 years we didn't talk much bcz of long distance.. but we akways were sure of our future .. recently he said that he afraid marriages as he has seen few separations around him..

    We both have always been loyal ans committed to each other.. but this time I couldn't make him feel secure for his fears...

    what should I do.. should I wait for him and Expect that he would come back or should I go and talk things out?

    He has been loving always.. even with this fear he sometimes showed me that he sees us together but recently he clarified that he won't get married anyway bcz he can't see all this... what should I do? Is he trying to test that would i assure him and be with him or just leave?

    What should I do?

  • This post is deleted!

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