Blmoon may i have a reading? Please

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    Hoping this finds all well with you. Just an update on what has went on since our last post. My son took over business the end of Dec. and i got to come home. The kids were just as happy as i was about it. Then on the 14 of January i got a call telling me someone had found my brother (the kids daddy) dead. You know yourself we had spoken about him and their mom, and i had been expecting it but something i was never going to be ready for. I felt so bad for kids just knowing their mom was gone and now their daddy and both were very close to him. They are really strong kids they took it well and still are. I have thought about letting you know a hundred times or so and just never have sit down long enough to take the time. Sorry. You have been so great on getting back to me when i have asked for your help and if it hadn't been for you letting me know what you did, my brothers death i feel would have been so much harder for me to deal with. I don't know what else to say but THANK YOU so much you have really been a blessing to me. But hey if you pick up on anything when reading this i'll take it. lol. Thank you again and many BLESSINGS TO YOU.

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  • Sorry for not getting back.......Tarot is not a very spiritual place anymore and at times everyone just stays off. Your post is a past reminder of all the positive help and kindness that went on here. We were a very busy place. The negative intentions of the people who come here to cause problems is sad and will come back to them. Sometimes a good thing ends and a new even better thing begins. I'm praying we all find another community space. Sorry about your brother. I know those who have addict loved ones in their lives both fear yet expect that phone call. Many addicts live and learn and recover but many run out of luck. As you know, it's amazing how lucky they get and could have died so many times. An addict effects so many lives and can make other members ill. I am proud of you that at your breaking point you reached out and took the high road best you could. Eventually, after years of dealing with the chaos of a loved one's pain and dysfunction it becomes almost a relief it's over for them. In the beginning there is so much anger but near the end there is just helpless surrender. It's hard to be angry at someone who's life is miserable. With addiction at its worst the real person is already dead and all that is left is the addiction. His children have disconnected a long time ago. They loved him in the moment but no longer had expectations. Children tend to live in the moment and they are blessed by love in their day more then loss. You are their stability and an example of love that has a sense of reality. It is why they do not feel at such a loss.Addiction is hereditary so his children may be faced with that urge...yet it will be the HARSH reality of their parent's tragedy that will help them not lie to themselves. Also, you protected them but you did a great service by not hiding or lying to them unless it wasn't age appropriate. Addicts ALL tell the same lies. They will see that in themselves should that temptation come. Your brother is now devoted to your family and specially to his children. He is just recently awakening from a deep sleep. His choice for his soul progression is to be of service from the other side to heal others. In fact, he will be a much better parent and guardian to his children. Also, expect a gift from him....something has or is soon to come your way that will make you feel blessed and gifted. He was not present in so much of his life that he had to take time since he passed to review and understand and see the reality of his life. I feel the gift for you will be in the abundance dept. Money and possibly a new home. Try and stay looking forward and stay out of the past. Also, if the kids do have a problem now and then....remember that children all have bumps and mistakes and drama growing up. Try and keep your prospective normal and don't over think too much. Your brother is apologizing and loves you very much....but you know that. He wants you to remember his true self. As you need guidance in the future...I'm here for now. Be good to yourself! That's your gift to your show them how to love and respect themselves! BLESSINGS!

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    Thanks for answering back. Your right i would get so mad at him for not stopping his addiction for years and then close to the end it was like i just felt sorry for him. Happy to hear that he is wanting to help and heal others. The gift from him in the abundance dept you spoke of is the only thing in reading that has me wondering, because my brother had nothing of value. Please don't get me wrong I believe what you say because everything you have told me has been. Maybe he has found a way to help me out with finances. I'm not sure, but Lord knows we need it. I have been seeing the number 11 after the hour several times a day for a long time now, I have before off and on but this time seems to be longer. I've read somewhere that it's a sign that angels are trying to send a message. Would you please give me your view on why i keep seeing this number so often? Just when you can will be fine. Thanks and BLESSINGS to you.

  • I get the 11:11 thing too for awhile and then it stops. I do feel as if spirit is closely directing me and hoping I can let go off distraction and listen.The help your brother is working on has nothing to do with his earthly estate. He is working on helping you from the other side to be open to deserving abundance. He says that he can help opportunity cross your path but you need to be in a positive place to take advantage of a higher vibration. Avoid drama and exhaustion. He says you often give too much and worry too much. You need to have alone time to hear and think. Drama exhausts you and makes your head spin with thoughts. A lot of things you worry over solve themselves. You also judge yourself if you aren't getting enough done. It's ok to just be quietly empty mind has room for dreaming and spirit whispers!

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