"Energy Vampires"

  • So id like some advice. I've noticed how easily i effect people when I am around. My thoughts my feelings, my emotions, everything. I also realised im holding on to other people's emotions thoughts feelings and fears. Im begining to learn to sift through these things and try and give them back to thier original holders. My whole life has had many obsticals, just like many oythers. And these emotions feed off of my expierences. Now im wondering if anyone else out there has these intense abilities? I am a healer and a empath just like everyone else, but i seem to be more intune than others. But lately i am so stuck on what im holding on too and fighting i cause chaos and hate all around me. Now i understand meditation is the best way to help this along, but what if your not sure who these feelings belong too? Any suggestions?

  • you can protect yourself from bad energies. if you know how to return them, then keep doing so. protecting yourself from them is easy. visualozation of white or blue crystal light around you when you go out or communicate with people, even on the phone or e-mail, is one way that works, at least for me.

    Empath wise I'm not sure how. I don't think I'm empath, although I ground myself regularly in the nature. I'd imagine as an empath you have to do the same, only more intensive.

  • You certainly aren't alone. I too am empathic and a healer. I've noticed some new developments in my abilities lately but here is what helps me... Avoid large crowds of people, especially where the energy is very high or very low. Imagine the bubble of white light each morning and each evening. Breathe in healing white/green light that goes throughout your body and then exhale the negative as grey/black smoke. I also will picture in my mind a very large wall in front of me, brick or steel, when I'm around others. I don't know about your abilities but I have to "block" anyone I interact with so as not to pick up their energy and absorb it. It's helpful in healing but you have to find ways to release what you pick up when healing. I have also been fortunate enough to meet a select few, as in 3 my entire life, that I can just be with or be touching and they seem to make all of the excess emotions balance out and the extra leave. I call them my anchors. Work on your shielding/blocking and be sure to ground and heal yourself each day.

    I hope that helps. When I'm overwhelmed I get so cranky and angry I eventually wear myself out and become physically ill.

    Take Care of Yourself....


  • I am empathic and a healer as well, and went through a similar stage to where you are at the moment. I was constantly feeling drained all the time and never had the a chance to fully recharge again. As silly as it sounds, I found that wearing an Amethyst braclet on my right wrist seemed to help with the energy control and also my well being, especially in crowds. I was able to find balance again and felt strong enough to cope with the feelings around me. It also helped me block out unwanted energies as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • Lots of good info here. I'm going through the same right now and feel overwhelmed. I have been practicing grounding and other meditative work as well. There is a ton of info in books and on CD that can help walk you through the empathic 'heaviness'. As an ICU nurse I find that I carry so much of that energy around with me that I have to stop and release it and re-ground on a regular basis when I'm feeling especially worn. I have also felt anger and such coming from other people around me. Part of that can be that I'm going through some changes now, and when someone starts to change that can interfere with the 'karmic contract' in some relationships. This can be upsetting to some people when their contract is threatened. Does that make sense?

  • Wow, Thank you all so much for this. It all makes perfect sense. Its hard especially when you are unaware you are doing anything. My energy is vast and people feel it wherever I go. These technics sound very helpful. My touch is very sensative as well. And sirenz I definatly understand avoiding large crouds. Sometimes I get so dizzy and overwhelmed it feels like im having a panic attack sometimes. Its like the energy is always coming and going at an alrming rate. Especially when Im in the middle. And yes noocnurse I definatly understand. Ive spent much time in hospitals my whole life. Everytime I go patients always look in my direction and I can feel so much pain. Ive gotten used to it, which im sure you have to. I just want to lay hands on everyone but I know I am not strong enough or even close to ready just yet. I understand god has chosen us to spread his love and healing so thank you all so much for the advice. Ive also recently found out I can read and understand palms just by looking at them as well.


  • Serious,

    Been there...sounds to me like you may be leaving yourself 'open' too much. This work is much like a window. A window that you have control to open and shut. At first, this is really cool and we tend to want to keep the channel open to 'read' all that is around us. But it is too much. Know that you just 'know' things and shut the window when you want. Pray to the angels, especially Michael for protection as well as your spirit guides. Ask them to assist you to remember to put the lights around yourself and protection from absorbing all the energes out there. Turquoise is a great protection stone and Hematite is great for grounding...and if all else fails, place your feet in the dirt and ask for the mother earth to take what is not yours (but send a quiet prayer for whom it does belong to).

    Smudging your space with herbs is a great way to 'clean' the engery, salt in the bath is great for 'cleaning' energy or if all else fails, cut up some lemons and put them in a bowl of water on your counter top. This will all clean your sacred space of any other engergies that you have absorbed or brought home with you.

    Best of luck.



  • When I became opened in subud, I in the beginning was feeling other peoples emotions so strongly I wanted to vomit at times. Since not all emotions were all that comfortable for me. But this was so that I would be aware of how us humans affect ourselves and our lives with how we think and feel. I could feel the emotions inside of other people, and I knew what part of the body it affected them. But as time went, these experiences weakened as I continued to do the latihan.

    So by surrendering everything to the Light, then we become protected from it.

    I am sure that these experiences that I had were to teach me about how our thinking can affect us spiritually. Some people I felt were so dirty that I felt disgust toward that energy. I was not angry at them, but I wanted to be far away from some of these emotions that came out from some people.

    It is important to stay humble when we have this ability. It is not their fault that we feel their feelings so strongly. But as I said, I dont have it like that anymore. I dont have problem with that at all anymore. I am being teached to trust myself. I am teaching myself, that is. This is why I have joined this forum. I want to see if I can trust my intuition, and testing it on you people (hehe). So I am very much focused on myself now. I am capable of not feeling what everybody else feel all the time, so that I am able to just focus on what I want in my life. I must reach my goal, and my goal is to be completely healed as human being.

  • Very interesting topic. Thank you all who have posted. With such good advice I just might dare to crawl out of my shell after all.

  • Thank you summer, and hw :).

  • Just a quick one, if things get too much and you are unable to move away from crowds or find a quiet space, rest your hand/hands over your belly button. Works wonders to deter that energy draining from others.

    :0) Have a great day!

  • Summer.... Thanks for all of the great advice. Every bit I can learn about grounding helps me out also. Turquoise and hematite... I will have to remember that. I have been told to avoid crystals as they are absorbers and with our empathic abilities we don't need anymore of that. lol. A trusted wiccan friend told me that as a Leo, (it may work for other signs, I don't know much about that) wearing onyx attracts the negative energy and "dissolves" it. Dragons are also great protectors against negativity. I wear a silver dragon pendant that has a piece of onyx in it and it has done wonders for defusing the "bad" energy. It's as if I took off smudged glasses and can see clearly without all the emotional baggage attached.


  • Wow.... even more I've learned.


  • NOCNURSE.... Night Nurse.... That used to be my name on myspace. lol. Good luck with your job, as nurses we see every emotional state out there. It surely can drain you....


  • I am a hospice chaplain, who feels the emotions of my patients.......fear....doubt...anger.....regret.... At first I was overwhelmed. Since I have been wearing onyx I am balanced...I can empathize and then lay it down. I am a double Gemini with Pisces rising..I believe it's not the sign...it's the property of the stone.

  • Synchrosity is what I think when I see this. Someone else started a very similar thread a few weeks ago that I have been interacting one.


    It is great to see there are so many people who are identifying their feelings and connecting with others who feel similar. I am an empath and clairsentient I believe and it can be hard. For years I have had a hard time deciphering my own emotions and energies from others. I have felt this way since I was a kid. I have been using tarot cards and studying my spirituality since I was 10, but I have found myself falling off track many times. Now, I use the tarot to help teach me lessons and learn what I need to work on and try to improve in my life. I also write a lot. I dream journal, write my readings down, and meditate. Meditating has really helped lately. As others have said, I imagine myself surrounded by a golden light. It can act as a protection. Meditating can also help you find your center, find your true self, which can sometimes can lost in the day to day. This has helped me and I think if you combine the advice of many of the people on here, you will be successful. This is a great thread.

    Universal Harmony

  • Thank you all for your advice. The grounding and breathing techniques have worked wonders for me just in a couple of days. I do need to find some amythyst though. I have always wondered what path would be best for me. Healing is in my nature. But nothing happens overnight! God bless all of you.

  • I also wanted to say; that if you have any matirialistic items that are giving to you from someone else, and the energy within that item is/or has turned negative get rid of it. We all have connections through these items and if you and that person are no longer are on good terms or the connection has gone bad the best thing to do is either burn the item or cleanse it with salt water or blessed water.

  • Such Great info in this forum!!!! I'm shopping tomorrow for black onyx. I have the other stones, but stopped wearing all jewelry for some reason....It's time to start wearing it again.

  • HI, as all human we only use little part of our brain and we have build and destroy a lot of life.

    Maybe if can find a human or even in ourselves, maybe if possible to meditation to able to access this knowledge!

    I think we can healed and do many other enormous things.

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