Cancer man come back?

  • I just wanted to date, but he was crazy about me, said he just wanted to be with me that he loved me completely passionate, and vulnerable as i am i totally got in in the same level He said he felt butterflies every time he saw me, he never felt this way about anybody, and i was feeling the same way I met his kids, he met my kids, and we had some awesome moments, we had been living this love dream for 2 months But for 3 days this passed week i got in to fights with him on my side because of jealousy, and because i thought he was not putting enough effort, and etc.Than he got nervous, and i immediately apologized stated i am going thru the worst time of my life, i am in the middle of a divorce, refinancing my house, just found out I am sick, And he just stated that he was afraid, he was not enough, that he would never make me happy, that we would always butt heads, that it was to early in the relationship to fight That he didint want to hurt me but wanted to protect me And it would be better this way,so i said ok he than tried to extend it saying he felt like ****., he said it was maybe the timing..I said he was not responsible for my feelings And i hung up.. I have been destroyed. I cant understand how can someone swear their love, say you are their soul mate, than break up with you because of fear.So today i sent that message(3 days after the breakup), no response.I dont know what to do, I am completely in love and hurting, I am a Sagittarius

  • You will need to give both dates of birth - yours and his - for a precise astrology reading.

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