Scorpio woman cancer man

  • I feel a bit silly for asking this on a forum, but I've been wrestling with letting go of my cancer man. We met online and never met in person, but I felt an instant soul connection. He was very attentive at first and started to pull away. I of course sensed that and being insecure messaged him more. Maybe I annoyed him? He blocked me on Facebook and stopped returning my texts. What's wrong with me why can't I move on. It's not like we ever met. Why did he pull away and block me? I contacted two psychics one said he will be back and the other dissuaded me and said he will be a lot of work, but couldnt definitely see if he was. Advice for moving forward. I haven't been sleeping or eating that well because of this.

  • I think it's because you never met that you cannot let go of this guy. Or maybe because he rejected you. Scorpios often have trouble letting go and moving on. You have fantasized about this guy without ever seeing his bad points in the flesh. But his behaviour speaks volumes - Cancer men are notoriously fickle and can pull out at any time of a relationship if they change their minds. They are forever looking for the perfect partner (usually someone who reminds them of their mother) - but who doesn't exist because none of us are perfect. Stop chasing a dream lover (just like this guy is) or you will be forever disappointed.

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