Any psychic please

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    I was told by my gyno that I was fertile as a 20 year old girl, Im 40, this week I will start an hormonal treatment to get pregnant. Already did one but hasn't work, no ovules to pick. hearing this was like hearing that someone died on me, cried and sobbed like a baby. Also a long time ago a psychic told me I would be allowed to have a child but just one.

    My question is: Do anyone see me with a baby?

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  • Mariapisces,

    It's important for you to be aware that the treatment you are on is pumping you full of hormones so you will be very emotional regardless. Also, everyone I know that went through this treatment had to do so multiple times so don't let one failure shake your faith and resolve. I am getting the number 3 so it may be that 3rd time is the charm!

  • Thank you sweetie. Lately I cant think straight, Im tired, cant sleep, I suffer from lazy thyroid, yesterday I read a lot about it and this also is very bad for me and eventually if I become pregnant to the baby.

    My stress levels are high and I became very anxious and Im doing panic attacks. what I didnt say is: that the doc told us that this is our last treatment, the last and only resource is for us to go with donated eggs. Im starting to think that somehow Im not allowed to be pregnant, to have my own baby. I am really scared and disappointended with all this, thought would be easier.

    well , its in God hands, I guess.

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