NEED Help changing my name

  • Any name numerology experts here?


    Birth Number: 8

    Life Path: 22/4

    Birth name: (First name: 28, Surname: 19)

    I'd like to change my first name officially to a 22 compund number, I have a 28/1 first name on my birth certificate.

    I've always grown up using this 22 name (easier to pronounce), pretty much throughout my childhood and people refer to me as this but haven't changed it officially.

    I've read using first name as 22 is bad, and it takes a lot to handle it. Well would it make any difference if I had a Life Path 22/4? Because I do.

    Now, if I keep my real official first name, the WHOLE name is total to a 38, which is supposedly BAD.

    BUT now, if I change my first name to that 22, the WHOLE name will total to a 41, which is supposedly GOOD.

    NOTE: using Chaldean numerology, or should I use pythagoras...?

  • You need to pick a name that empowers you and makes you feel good, then everything else will fall into place.

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