Blmoon one last query.

  • Hello Blmoon if you feel like it would appciaite your insight on a quick query. Hopefully. I am in college and doing a lot of good and fun things. However I feel like my spiritual side gets over taken in my physical side and not sure if this is suppose to be healthy or not. Especially if it's at college and interfering; with day to day things. I do enjoy what I do and no that I make.the choice to do it..but at the same has caused me some.trouble to. I suppose you.must have experiencedone this in your time of doing these things.

    But I don't think I always get understood it Depends who I am with and when I'm. In my classes I'm sure I pick up stuff and other people pick up on my stuff. It just becomes difficult to manage if it's during college hours. But I don't know if I have any control over it; or why it's happening. So yeah this is just a few thoughts to you. I do meditation and apart from that man and woman episode on the Internet. I do enjoy myself. I just want to know if I can still be me during this spiritual stuff and not have to be complete lly open with my college friends about what I do.cause I just want to get through college in one piece if that makes sense.

    Thanks blessings sundanzer.

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