Please advice.. what should I do

  • I n my cancer man were in a relationship from past 2 years. We were best friends from past 6 years n shared a very strong bond then we both fell for each other. I left the city for my higher studies and then I confessed my love for him. He was very happy earlier but later he started feeling like he can't stay in a long distance relationship then when I came back for vacations I convinced him. And he got ready to continue and den again when I went back.. we continued but used to talk very less. He wanted me to talk to him on daily basis but I avoided because I knew if we will. We may fight again n then he will again get depressed of this long distnc. Aftr few mnths he asked me to stay frnds I said ok then again after few days he started talking to me like we are a couple. Then one month was left in the completion of my course. He said lets sort everything we wil share like best friends again as u r coming back. I said ok we wil.. n then it continued for a month we used to talk but not much. Then when I came back aftr the cmpletion of my course he started his new work n got very busy with that initially I over reacted then I just got used to it that we hardly meet n talk. Because this never happened between us as wenever I used to come here for holidays we used to meet go out. But sinc last 4 months things changed n then after two months I stopped saying n strtd toking by myslf n things strtd wrking. Infact we got physically intimate with each other which for both of us matters but just aftr a mnth I got stressed of my career n started feeling negative n had fights with him twice that he doesnt care for me n then he said "that ryt now m not in a situation to handle any negativity. I am all focused on my wrk" I said we cant even share our prblms over which he responded that I want u to wait till we reach our goals with which I agreed but sumwhere I was expcting that he shud atlst help me wid my depressn but he didn't n then I sent him a mail writing that "he shud rethink whether he really wants to be with me or not. N that physical intimacy wont let me to take this decision that we will live happily together." N much more.. Although it matters to both of us n I can't think of anyone else. N then after two weeks I messaged him that I m sorry for watever I wrote in that stress I apologised many tyms but he simply said that he doesn't want anything between us. Also now that I dont want u to wait (earlier he said I want u to wait). Don't know how shud I tell him that I really can't lose him I want to be with him. I texted him that but no response just one thing that " I don't want u to wait and don't msg me now" please tel me what shud I do how shud I convince him.

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