Please help me with this spread. Love?

  • I asked if I will ever find love and I got

    1. 7 of cups

    2. 5 of swords

    3. 5 of cups reversed

    4. 10 of swords reversed

    5. Judgement reversed

    6. 9 of swords reversed

    7. Hanged man

    8. 7 of wands

    9. The emperor

    10. 2 of cups

    What does this mean?

  • I might be wrong (I am not so good at tarot yet) but I think it means that you will likely find love. 🙂



  • I agree with Emmaharris77! It began with that wispy-eyes 7 cups and concludes in a pair.

  • What I got is that there is a disappointment you are still hanging on to and this has led to a pessimistic view of both the present and the future. Let the past go, change your thoughts and be optimistic about the future and love will of course come to you.

  • Wow, that is very accurate about the holding on to the past thing. Thank you guys for explaining : ). That was very insightful.

  • Glad we could help!

  • I asked if I will ever find love and I got (Celtic Cross)

    1. 7 of cups - Romance

    2. 5 of swords - split

    3. 5 of cups reversed - disappointment and living in the past

    4. 10 of swords reversed - stabbed in the back by x boyfriend.

    5. Judgement reversed - split

    6. 9 of swords reversed - the end of anxiety

    7. Hanged man - a sacrifice

    8. 7 of wands - opposition

    9. The emperor - an important man

    10. 2 of cups - a romantic relationship.

    Card 1 can be seen as a significator - romance and pipe dreaming hence your question. You've seemingly come out of a stressful situation and still have your guard up in the 7W hence your energies are still tied to the past in 5C reversed. Where thought energy goes manifestation follows so there's no one around you at the moment but with 2C as the outcome I'd read a definite yes in time. We can see in your hopes and fears is fear of x and hope for a new partner.

  • Answers to "yes-or-no" questions are usually "iffy" at best, but this one seems to end well. Until the Emperor arrives on the scene, this looks like an emphatic "No." In the "yes/no/maybe" binning system I created for myself, the spread is all "no-leaning" cards up to the 7 of Wands (a "maybe because the outcome of the struggle is uncertain) except for Judgement, which I normally see as "maybe" but the reversal shades it toward "no." The Emperor makes me think a "larger-than-life" man enters the picture who brings the opportunity for a romantic liaison. Be aware, though, that the Emperor usually wants things his way. In the usual (not very reliable) way of timing events, this could be showing "two months," but the Hanged Man suggests it could be longer, perhaps a year (the number 12 and the Water element make me think "12 months").

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