Too emotional to read myself

  • I tried giving myself a reading about my ex but I am way too emotional. I keep pulling the same card/cards over and over again and cant seem to look at things except for the way I want them to be. Can anyone give me a reading concerning my ex. If he'll come back, how he feels, and time frame if he does come back. I would really appreciate it. I just cant get any clarity with my emotional state 😞 Thank you so much

  • I took a look and in light of your question the cards looked very positive to me. Hard to say a time frame though, the Lovers is ahead that says nothing to me about time frame. Wands at the center, 7 wands, that would tend stall out wands, so not a quick wand anyway. You are wanting things to be secure between you and the ex. There was some very energetic communication just recently about something, 8 of swords. Swords come back as the outcome as Ace of Swords, So... it could be that there is a beginning to communicate again between the two of you. I think you both needed time to chill out with each other. Love is in the air though, keep the faith, with love you can make it happen. Keep thinking positive about your ex.

  • Wow that is so crazy...the lovers is the card that kept coming up over and over and over again..I did get the Ace of swords a few times. I just was too emotional and asking too many questions and too many of the same questions so I just couldn't get a clear understanding. I also pulled cards that when I looked up what the time frame would be, it came back as undetermined. The communication was him coming and getting the rest of his things from my house (He lived w me) and him telling me that he is dating someone new and that it was wise for us to no longer speak, which of course was heartbreaking. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. This gives me so much less grief about the situation knowing there is a possibility of him still being in my life at some point.

  • Yeah, I hear you there... it is tough to see someone go, things happen, change, whatever the reason. There is a new play out by Andrew Lloyd Webber “Love Never Dies” a sequel to Phantom of the Opera... anyway I thought that was a nice thought, can’t hurt to just keep lovin’ him from a distance. Let him date others! Let him find out YOU are really who he loves and these others are just not meant to be! ... sometimes men just have a hard time understanding love and have to play the field or something to learn. Love can make you blue, you know... you have a relationship, it can be the best of times... and then? You’re on the beach walking along... wondering what happened. Here’s another card for you! The Magician! Yay that is good for you, playful, fun. Magical things can happen. 🙂

  • Thank you so really have no idea how much your words have helped me right now!! And I LOVE Phantom!!! I def have to see this play. Phantom is prob one of my favorite plays. My best friend and I sing the songs all the time. I just searched for it online and found the whole thing posted...well we know what I will be doing today hahaha...anyways I hope and pray he does realize I am who he loves and its meant to be. He is such a special person. Fingers crossed and positive thoughts!! xoxo thank you Im going to watch this now 😄

  • You are very welcome, Akitablue!

    You know, I have yet to see Phantom (the Broadway musical), I remember the Lon Chaney movie though. Andrew Lloyd Webber is amazing, Evita was another of his musicals I really like. Don’t cry for me... haha. I think Phantom is coming back my area sometime soon though, I want to make a point to see it. Love Never Dies should be wonderful. “Cats” I saw that was great. I see them every morning too... waiting for breakfast :)... okay well glad the reading seems to makes some sense or helps. Nice to hear. The Tarot is great what a wonderful gift from above. Yeah... you keep the faith there Akitablue you’re sure to see some wonderful results.

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