Oracle of Shadows and Light Readings

  • I love using this deck in October as it has a definite Halloween vibe to it. Soooo, I will do ONE reading per day. Please do not let this get out of hand or I will have to cease and desist. Sorry, but when I get flooded with posts it gets overwhelming - all the emotions come at me like a tidal wave. This will be fun as long as boundaries are respected!

    The spread I will use has 4 cards: What is being hidden, what is being shown, why you attracted the situation, and what you must do now.

    Thanks and Happy Halloween and Samhain 🙂

  • Hi Watergirl,

    May I have a reading?

    Just whatever you choose to focus on.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Perhaps advice/overview for the year ahead, since I'm having a birthday towards the end of October...

  • Ok Damceur will do today

  • Can I get a general reading for the year to come, please?

  • Danceur,

    I do best working with the present and how to work through it rather than forecasting the future. I started to look into the upcoming year for you, but felt it was not right. The future is murky for you as it is tied to the actions you take now. You need to remember your power to create or you will remain stuck. You do not have clarity and I get that is frustrating. But the cards are pointing to your need to throw off that cloak of disempowerment, stop clinging to things or conclusions you've made about how things are or must be so you can wipe all those cobwebs away and envision a brighter future for yourself. You need to clear your energy so I would suggest doing something to your physical environment to do this as well as to invite change....move the furniture around, clean out the drawers or closets and donate what you have not used in a while, paint your room a bright inviting color, etc.

    Pray for guidance and then be open to what comes to you. A big affirmation would be "I open myself to my highest potential." Just be ready for big changes. Also remember that there are always multiple steps between where we are now and where we want to be and there is usually healing in the middle which is not always easy.

    If you want to ask a more specific question, I will do another spread for you.

  • Hey Captain,

    I got that something, some situation or someone will be returning. At first it might seem like it's a good thing, but I'm being told that tempting offers can have a high price. It will be difficult for you because I feel like you may miss this person or the situation will be nostalgic, but it's best to bury the past in this instance. Advice is to honor yourself and make sure you uncover others' intentions as they may be hidden. Also be clear on your own intentions of what you want for yourself. It may be stormy, but it will be worth it in the end - a rainbow will appear.

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thanks - I think your advice is very helpful. And I will work on trying to clear out my physical environment over the next few months.

    I do want to ask a more specific question, but I don't know how. I felt I was being called to create direction for myself and live a more purposeful life. The ideas I had felt empowering for a while, but I'm living within a stalemate, in which it is proving futile to try and make future plans. So I've started to toss out all the ideas, since it's just creating frustration and anxiety. But it leaves me with nothing to look forward to again, and no way to create or change anything. I don't know how to maintain a sense of empowerment in these circumstances. I see people around me creating structure and paths for themselves - real & tangible things. And I don't know what to do with my life and how to arrive at the steps to achieve what i want. There is a fear of being left behind, when the dynamics finally do shift - and i'm still as clueless.

  • Hi Watergirl, thank you for offering and if this is one too many readings already, please ignore my request.

    If ok, I would love a reading in the context of the spread with 4 cards you mentioned in your post and with the focus on my present work situation.

  • could i have one too? focus on the year ahead if i may ask... whenever you have time Watergirl:)

  • Ok znl you are next and then you moonalisa!

  • Hi Znl,

    The cards I pulled for you were:

    What is being hidden: Death and the Maiden (Invasion, boundaries violated, dominance)

    What is being shown: Grumpy Red Fairy (Be your true self!)

    Why you are in this situation: Storm Angel (collision of beliefs, styles, attitudes, energies)

    What you must do now: Two Little Witches (Magickal space-clearing time)

    Not really sure you need my interpretation 🙂 Looks like it's time to find a new job. Your current situation is not a good fit for you. You are being overpowered, dominated, and it's time for you to stand up for yourself - get fed up and say you know what, I don't deserve this and move on.

    If you want to see the cards, google Oracle of Shadows and Light with the card name and you should get an image.

  • Moonalisa, this deck is designed to point out where your shadows are operating in your life in order to bring light to them and this spread also does not work well for a look ahead at the next year. I will try if you want - tried for the Captain also - but not sure it will give a good read. Personally, I think astrological forecasts are best for an annual outlook. It's up to you though, so just let me know!

  • all right, so i will be happy to hear what you get as advice for the 'now'.

  • Hi watergirl18

    I could use a little help,


  • Could I kindly get a reading (love) too Watergirl?

    Thank you

  • moonalisa,

    do you have mediumship abilities? I ask because a lot of images of communicating with those who have crossed over came through. but also messages about starting something new and having confidence in yourself so maybe you are being encouraged to believe/share your mediumship abilities or develop them.

    also feels like you (like so many lately, it seems) are having difficulties at work and are being encouraged to move on or at least take back your power and self-confidence. there has been conflict and you have stifled your voice, my throat feels blocked. past or recent disappointments have you feeling like your wishes will never come true. maybe the mediumship is about past loved ones being around you to support you right now...

    your cards were:

    What is being hidden: A Clockwork Pumpkin (a wonderful idea, an aha moment)

    What is being shown: Amara the Menehune (Aloha healing)

    Why you are in this situation: Angel de los Muertos (transitions to the spirit realm)

    What you must do now: Faceless Ghosts and the Haunted Girl (ghost people)

    Bottom of Deck: Dress of Alchemy (release your power!)

  • moonalisa, sorry, forgot a section...

    regarding love, seems like there is an ending here as well - either one that you have been resisting/avoiding or you are still holding onto the disappointment of a loss or losses in love. feels like you allow yourself to be bamboozled by people and you attract people who are up to no good. you are haunted by these past "loves" which I don't think were really love at all, but you allowed yourself to think it was. use more discernment...

  • Tarotnick, you will be next!

  • Watergirl18, I was thinking today...seems like there's trends in time and with people like the jobs trend right now. And sometimes, no matter how I shuffle the cards, trends w/the cards. Interesting.

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