Looking to start a collaborative study group on tarot

  • Hi, I have been reading tarot for about a year and a half and I am looking to start a collaborative study group on tarot to help widen my knowledge on the subject. I'd like it that this group explores most every facet of tarot, from its historical implications to its practical, magical, and divinatory uses. Study will mostly center around the Rider-Waite and RW based decks, but information on Thoth, Marseilles, or any other type of deck is also strongly encouraged. Initially, I was planning on this group to be for beginner and intermediate readers, but if you are an advanced reader and feel you are lacking in one aspect or would like to share your knowledge you are always welcomed.

    If you are interested in joining, you may post a throwaway email and I can send you an invitation to the group.

  • Hi Kalfu, I'm a beginner keen to learn so sounds great. I plan on sticking around to do some readings for feedback over the next few months. Don't know what a throwaway email is sorry.

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