Need help interpreting my tarot reading. Will my ex come back?

  • So I'm fairly new to tarot reading. I am a girl who was recently broken up with by my girlfriend. We dated for almost 3 years and over the summer, she decided that she wanted to be single and date other people before she actually settled down so she could experience other people. She just graduated college and moved to boston for her new job while I'm in my last year of college. We were each others first girls, so we are still interested in men. We still kept in contact, but about 3 weeks ago i told her i couldn't talk to her or see her anymore because it just hurt me too much because i am still deeply in love with her. We had an incredible connection from the start and i've been really missing her and the memories lately. I need help interpreting my tarot reading to see if she will ever come back to me. I did this through a free website (TrustedTarot), so it used the celtic cross tarot spread. here are the cards in order:

    1. Ten of Cups

    2. Six of Cups

    3. The Hanged Man

    4. Seven of Swords

    5. The Moon

    6. The Star

    7. Five of Cups

    8. Death

    9. King of Cups

    10. The Emperor

    Thank you for anyone who helps

  • I don't see her coming back and looks like there's a man in your future.

  • I'm heartbroken. I feel like I'll never get over her. Is this man for long term? I've recently gotten back into the dating scene and I just can't seem to be interested in anyone and when I am interested, they don't feel the same way or don't want a relationship.

  • Heartbreak is understandable and the healing time is different for everyone. Since you're still not over her you are subconsciously attracted to people who aren't interested in you so you won't have to get involved...getting involved with someone new means letting her go. For now I would just focus on your own self care - nurture yourself and do things that will lift your spirits and build your self-esteem back up. If you have any creative outlets, hobbies, interests, etc. that would be a good start.

  • Thanks. I have started running again and joining things on campus but I am still constantly thinking about her and if she's with anyone new. It kills me inside and I wonder if she even misses me at all because of our connection, which she admitted that she would never find anyone else with the same connection we had which is why she really wanted to stay friends, but I just couldn't do it.

    Anyway, i guess it just takes time. Just sucks

  • Yes it does. You're doing all the right things. Running will help elevate your mood and the extracurricular school activities will help occupy your mind and keep your creative juices flowing. Creativity and relationships are both located in the 2nd chakra so the creativity helps to keep it balanced. In time, the thoughts of her will ebb and your heart will heal.

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  • Thank you watergirl. I've been posting my tarot readings on other forums to get some other perspectives, and one person said that it looks like my ex actually has a guy due to the King of Cups and Emperor. I wouldn't be surprised as she's always had a lot of guys chasing after her. I know she didn't leave me for anyone though, although she might have someone now. What are your thoughts?

  • It's possible, but since you were the querent in your reading I got that the man in the future was for you. It all depends on what the question was when you pulled the cards and where you were emotionally at the time. Sometimes when we are emotional we can pull cards that are just a reflection of the energy we are putting out at the time. That's why it normally doesn't work all that well to pull cards for yourself.

    Regardless of who the man will appear for, I think the important point is that the cards did not show the two of you together in the future. It's best to focus on that acceptance and healing versus obsessing over what she's doing, who she's seeing, etc. That will keep you stuck.

  • You're right. Thanks for the interpretation πŸ™‚

  • β€œDon't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

    ― Dr. Seuss

  • 1. Ten of Cups - This is you family ideal which includes children?

    2. Six of Cups - nostalgia is crossing you, living in the past, especially with the 5C. Also a card of children and within this relationship that might have been challenging.

    3. The Hanged Man - the sacrifice of the relationship being demanded.

    4. Seven of Swords - there was likely a conflict of ego's between you.

    5. The Moon - self deception

    6. The Star - hope linked to the moon so unfounded sorry.

    7. Five of Cups - regret and sadness

    8. Death - The end.

    9. King of Cups - Your new Guy

    10. The Emperor - A very important man in your life soon to be.

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