Help reading this spread (love related?)

  • I did a tarot reading earlier and I need some help interpreting it. I was mainly inquiring about a summer fling I had who I'm murky on what we are (we never broke up when the summer ended and we were quite coupleish (as in not just a physical relationship by the end of summer but very much emotionally bonded) and if there's any hope in us moving forward into a real, steady/romantic relationship despite being thousands of miles apart. The spread (celtic cross) was as follows:

    1. The Star

    2. Three of Pentacles

    3. Knight of Pentacles

    4. The Devil

    5. Death

    6. Temperance

    7. Seven of Cups

    8. The Lovers

    9. Queen of Pentacles

    10. Three of Cups

  • I have to tell you that the two "3" cards - especially the placement of them along with the Lovers gives me a bad feeling. Is he off at school? Feels like there is another person involved.

  • He's actually a traveling teacher; he teaches English overseas and is on a constant rotating placement (currently China, but previously he's worked in South America and three Countries in Africa). The three was kind of confusing to me as well, although he is a very blunt and forward person, I was almost thinking the three might be my insecurities showing up (not with him finding someone else, but choosing his work over me which has been a source of frustration for me).

  • Well that would make the 7 of Cups make sense - you're insecurities and thoughts running away with you. I got school pretty strongly from the 3 of Pents and the Knight of Pents and then almost asked about his work as well so that's confirmation. His job would definitely prevent anything serious moving forward. That 3 of Cups in the outcome at first felt like friendship (before the two 3's caught my eye). The Lovers is misinterpreted a lot. It often points to a choice...and in this case you feel like he is choosing his career over you.

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