Reading request please about love / someone

  • Hello, to start of... thank you in advance for taking your time to read my request and for offering me a reading and for anyone else who has asked for one. I'll be eagerly and patiently waiting for my reading as well :]

    My reading Question: What will happen between Timothy and me ?

  • Firesoul, I feel Timothy will let you down.

  • Celtic cross.

    1. knight C rx - not a good card unfortunately, possibly a charming but untrustworthy character, possible drug related problems and he may be very abusive verbally on times.

    2.Ace S rx - He's attempted to cut ties, there's been an argument?

    3. 8W - the situation is speedily coming to a head.

    4. 4P rx - Letting go as opposed to the 'holding' of the upright card.

    5. Ace C - situation relates to a relationship -

    6 10C - and incorporates your ideal family vision of-

    7. Hierophant - tradition and marriage.

    8. Lovers - Choices to be made within this union.

    9. Fool - Hopes of a new start.

    10. 2W - Another card of decisions but not a good card for relationships, there's restlessness, boredom and inability to cope with being restricted by a relationship.

    There's no definitive answer, rather, that's where you are at the moment, decisions haven't been made but it's not looking good imho. Best of luck anyway.

  • Feedback much appreciated.

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