I really need help!!

  • Hi,

    The other day I had my cards pulled. I asked about my current relationship with my boyfriend of 7 months. We are expecting a child and I was really hoping to hear that I'm not wasting my time with him. I love him. She told me she pulled the Ace of cups as a soulmate card. Does that mean him? Or is someone else coming along? I'm so confused and can't seem to figure it out. Can someone tell me where this is heading? Thanks.

  • Also wanted to add a little background on us:

    He told me early in the relationship that he wants us to have a child. I have 2 children from a previous relationship that he treats as his own. We were living together but separated because he received a short term house arrest sentence and we started arguing about dumb things all the time. So we agreed that I'd move back in after the house arrest is over right before our son is born. I really love this man. He is good to me and my children but we butt heads alot on different things, but nothing serious. He is honestly the last man I ever want to be with. But I'm not sure if he feels the same and if this is worth me putting my effort into. I've been hurt before by my kids father, he put me through so much to the point where I don't trust men and it affects my relationship with my current boyfriend at times. My current boyfriend says he wont hurt me like that but its just hard to believe. Help me.

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