Please help me, if your able.

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    I would truley, truely, appreciate some insight into my relationship, ...and my life. In a week I start cosmetology school... I want to own my own business. I want control over my life! and I stll love my

    Me and my "Fiance" met three years ago at a rock concert...I am a sagittarius, and He is an aquarius. It was lust, and fire, and air from the first moment. No joke. : )...however I acknowledge that I was in a somewhat destructive period of my life, and maybe made a rash desicion. ...He is my first and only. Now we have a four month old son. I also had a previous miscariiage about two yers ago. Their is intense LOVE. But he is afflicted with alchol, and drug addiction. Also I found out about six months ago that he cheated on me for about two weeks with a co worker, about a year ago. This hurts very much... As much as we love one another our relationship has always been "crazy" I think about ending it all the time. but I just cant a very true, real part of me just wants to walk this "road" with him forever. we are so connected...He just recently came back from a 2 month rehab...Like I said we now have a precious son...can any one help me? what do I do??? Do I have to leave him? Will he be a good daddy? or is better to keep him away from my son? Will he cheat on me again? Dose he love me like I think he dose? will we always be togethor, or should I just limit the fall out? Will he ever get better and live a good life with me or without me? I need some insight please help me, please help me. and Thank You.


  • I really, really would likea psychic's input...if any of you thus gifted types are out there...I hate to beg but if you could tell me anything? anything at all.


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