Dream leaving me very confused...

  • Last night I had a dream again for the second time but I dont understand what its supposed to mean I met this guy at the end of may and everything was great we were so insync it was crazy turns out he was a cancer and I'm a pisces supposed to be a perfect match right wrong! it what the readings say but we only dated for about a month and then boom he was gone and never heard anything since he knows where I work and live so if he wanted to get a hold of me he could have. Well about a month ago after not even thinking about him or wondering about him seeing him I saw him driving we both exchanged looks and that was it now I see him from time to time and it always seems to be towards the end of the month which was originally when I met him in may was on the 30th. I dont know what I said or did but he obviously has no plans on telling me since I have still not heard from him but in my dream we do reunite and he goes on to tell me that he was sorry he ever left and tells me his story about how he wants to be with me and wants to know if I can forgive him all weird but so real in my dream so if anyone can help on a definiton or a meaning to all of this I would much appreciate it much thanks

  • When Sylvia Browne was on SpiritNow, she wrote about wish dreams. Yours are just popping up with seeing him again.

    Understanding Your Wish Dreams

    by Sylvia Browne

    Every night we dream and our dreams give us insights into our lives. Some of our dreams are prophetic and will tell us of future events. Other dreams are release dreams, helping us to get rid of unwanted emotional states. Then there are wish dreams.

    A wish dream is a wonderful dream and it is just like it sounds: a dream about something you are wishing for. Perhaps you are newly married and wishing for a baby. So you dream of holding that sweet baby in your arms. When you have a wish dream, you wake up feeling so satisfied because in those few moments your dream came true! It was as if you won the lottery of your choice: your desires were within reach.

    Sometimes your wish dream is literal and very easily understood. Just like the example of wanting to have a baby and holding it in your arms in the dream. You dream for exactly what you wish for.

    Other wish dreams are not meant to be taken as literally as they appear. Someone once told me they were dreaming that their mother-in-law told them that she had left a letter in the house that the woman needed to read. The woman searched the house top to bottom, but found no letter. The dream spoke of the unresolved communication between the two women.

    Understanding your dreams is very much a gift that you can give yourself. As you learn about your dreams, you will understand yourself.

  • Thank you so much judee I guess the only thing I ned to figure out now is why I had the dream to begin with.... wish me luck

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