Please help me.

  • Hi!

    I would truley, truely, appreciate some insight into my relationship, ...and my life. In a week I start cosmetology school... I want to own my own business. I want control over my life! and I stll love my

    Me and my "Fiance" met three years ago at a rock concert...I am a sagittarius, and He is an aquarius. It was lust, and fire, and air from the first moment. No joke. : )...however I acknowledge that I was in a somewhat destructive period of my life, and maybe made a rash desicion. ...He is my first and only. Now we have a four month old son. I also had a previous miscariiage about two yers ago. Their is intense LOVE. But he is afflicted with alchol, and drug addiction. Also I found out about six months ago that he cheated on me for about two weeks with a co worker, about a year ago. This hurts very much... As much as we love one another our relationship has always been "crazy" I think about ending it all the time. but I just cant a very true, real part of me just wants to walk this "road" with him forever. we are so connected...He just recently came back from a 2 month rehab...Like I said we now have a precious son...can any one help me? what do I do??? Do I have to leave him? Will he be a good daddy? or is better to keep him away from my son? Will he cheat on me again? Dose he love me like I think he dose? will we always be togethor, or should I just limit the fall out? Will he ever get better and live a good life with me or without me? I need some insight please help me, please help me. and Thank You.


  • Hi Karma Coma,

    I've pulled some cards regarding your situation.

    Son of Stones (advocate) reversed-

    Advocating the worst in others and arguing that things never change.

    2 of Wands (dominion) -

    Following through. Having the courage to achieve your dreams.

    The Tower (demolition) reversed -

    You continue to make mistakes because you refuse to change. The victim role is a comfortable coat to wear.

    Ten of Wands (Oppression) reversed -

    Reevaluating the situation and setting yourself free from the ties you have accepted. Choosing not to be held down by the demands that come from relationships. Liberty

    This reading implies that you've been enabling your guy. I feel you could definitely achieve your career goals if you learn to focus on your child and yourself. You will get a lot of pride from this. The last card shows you setting yourself free from his issues.

    As far as him being in your child's the father of the child he does have rights. If you feel he's a danger to the baby you would have to work that out with the courts. He needs to work on his issues you need to put your child first. It's up to him to prove that he's worthy of being in a relationship with you. Do not enable him.

  • wow, life may be overwhelming at the moment, youve just had a baby and your hormones and stress levels are all over the place, take a deap breath and step back, you dont have to split up at this time but you do have to put your baby first. you have a lot going for you its just a question of prioritising, and then set some quality time together just the two of you, maybe once a week and rediscover what drew you together in the first place, if he loves you he will be there for you but just remember not to become his saviour at any cost it will ultimately cost you all in the end otherwise. anyway like i said life usually becomes overwhelming after a baby and as time goes on you will find the answers you are looking for from yourself take care it will all be good

  • Thank you both very much! Manifest, my cards have been telling me the same thing for a year now... : )...I guess im punishing my self...its hard not to's like I really dont know how? my moon is in virgo. lol Virgo women and their men.... and monica you are so nice you made me feel calm and like verything was going to be okay thank you. -D

  • You're welcome.

    I feel that you are an intelligent girl who's not going to let anything stand in the way of the great life you want for your baby and yourself.

    Good luck to you

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