Dark shadowy figures

  • Lately my life has been very peaceful no more dark shadows, no nothing except this past weekend on Sunday night I felt a presence near my bed. I was so afraid. Although many of you say don't be afraid I his under the covers afraid to look. These things are always so scary to me. I finally was able to sleep when the presence left. How do I really make this stop?

  • Hi FriedFish, I think angels are helping you. And like I said many times they accompany a holier presence. Recently, I experienced a spirit, ghost or whatever they are termed. It was at work. It actually tried to talk w/me. What I did and I suggest that you do with spirits is to sprinkle ALL areas around you and say, I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I feel it cleanses the area in the name of God--Jehovah-Yahweh. Spirits can not deny the presence of God. Also, talk w/God just like He is present w/you. Remember, if you are confronted w/a problem that is overwhelming step back give it three days--see how you feel on the third day. State your side calmly. Things are easier for the other person to take in (sometimes) in a calm state.

    When you talked about the house burning it reminded me of something that happened to me recently and thought I would share it w/you. I had a couple water leaks this past June in the laundry area. The first leak was fixed, then I got another a week later. The plumber went under the house then came back and told me to call the gas co. I had a serious gas leak under the house. Anyway, the gas co. had to replace all the gas lines. The house could easily have exploded had I not known. So, the water leak was for a reason. It's always good to acknowledge and thank the Source.

  • Hi JB, You know, if you want to get rid of this presence I feel you need to sprinkle water over the area in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Would like to hear how your doing.

  • Do I sprinkle just regular water or do I need to get holy water?

  • Hi JB, I think you can do it with regular water although holy water would be good. I did it with regular tap water. I think it's important to do this in all areas.

  • Great thanks I am going to give it a try. Other than this my life has been pretty peaceful.

  • On one night while sleeping i had a nightmare that i woke up and sat up on my bed and a grey dark shadow passed right in front of me really fast. and i couldnt speak i tried calling my boyfriend and he couldnt hear me. and when i was laying back i woke up and i started to breathe again.

    and i realized that everything that was placed in my dream was the same way when i woke up. like the fan next to me and my phone and also the closet door cracked open..

    Can you please tell me what it meant or what that dark shadow was? and what was it trying to say to me?

  • I say a prayer every night before i go to bed. I havent seen the shadows in a couple of weeks thank god. I do still see things last night as I was walking my dog and i am going back into my apartment there was the figure of a man following me. It made me nervous that he would end up in my apartment later that night but he didn't. I am trying my best to deal with all of these things in addition to dealing with things I see I had one of those very clear dreams that I remember every detail in my dream there was my ex we had conversation it was somewhat pleasant. Maybe this is the root of my anxiety. I am not ever sure what to make of the things I see. Some times are worse than others there are times when at night there is just so much energy around me I am even afraid to get out of bed. Is there something I can do to not attract these things?

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