Dark shadowy figures

  • JB,

    I know it is painful to move forward in this physical life,, but it becomes your choice on how you choose to do this.He is settled back into what was his comfort zone and his on dark shadows that called him back.You my dear have your life ahead of you in a new light.You will find this after you work through the pain that comes from the negative emotions your feeling..You will learn much from them your soul will grow in a positive way along the journey,,

  • this is confusing I have never had to force myself to move on in the past. I am forcing myself to do it because I don't feel like we are finished with each other but I am trying

  • FF,

    You do not have to remember your grandfather for him to be around..He knows you and your daughter,,it is an odd thing to me,,that people believe they must know the souls who will communicate with them..When I used to do 2 hour long sessions as a medium I found it surprising how many people did not understand the soul group we participate with it is a large circle all connects as one since we all come from the infinite light,In a good reading I usually pick up several generations, friends and pets,,, It is alright your learning as you go ,, your journey has many years to go before you get an understanding of who is around you as a soul group,, we all learn a little more each blink of an eye..The brother thought just popped up connected do you know if your mother lost any babies to miscarriage they also come up as family energy,,,,

    You also seem to be into some major life choices right now as well that do not circulate around your children ,, Have you made the right choices,, is there a right or wrong choice in life? We learn from whatever path we choose to take..The whole purpose of life is about the journey and what we accept as ours along the way,, not about the destination.Sharon? Did I get this name straight, I hope I understood it correctly,, anyhow your life is what you choose to create of it, if you are filled with positive energy and that is what you have out into the universe it is what will come back to you if it is not then your on a different path that will bring some other life lessons your way that will guide you to understanding, bah I need to get off here for the night

    I am going to sign off for this evening.I have had two readings today that were long they always take so much energy.. This online thing is not my usual format.. the mixed energy is so much different then when I do my usual sessions or readings,,anyhow I wish you good night.

    Hugs,Laughter, Light,Love


  • JB,

    Love is a mysterious thing,, the forced feelings come from the energy that you put into this relationship,,You delved very deep into your relationship , knowing that he may of coveted his previous in the back files of his mind,, You tossed in your everything heart and soul,,

    You will find your way through the fog,, it is a part of the journey of your soul to experience this,,Have you looked with in yourself to find what lays deep in yourself to find what you are learning in a positive way from this relationship,,you must do that before you can move on comfortably

    Hugs, Laughter,Light,Love


  • I have and I feel that my everything I feel means more than I really loved him. I am not sure I feel there are lots of loose ends here but only time will tell.

  • thank you and i hope to talk with you more soon have a wonderful night!!

  • Thats funny you mentioned children and Angels, I wish I could show everyone of this picture taken a day after Christmas with my daughter Angelina, there was something huge and white in the back ground.I want so badly to say its a table cloth someone is holding but it looks way to strange for that.Not only that but I also have a picture taken with her and my husband when she was a newborn right before Christmas and there was a white orb with a face inside it.I feel my father-in-law, who I never mets presence around her, this man has contacted me so many times and I love him to death but never met him in person.

  • KT,

    LOl,, I dissect a lot of pics in search of whether there is another reason for strange objects to appear.Another thing I have found is that more of these surprises show up since the digital camera came into play..But that two comes with the fact that it is much easier for the souls to work through digital medias and electronics..I still shoot pictures with both my digital and my 35mm..Sometimes at the same time with family portraits.You know it is hard to pick it apart when it shows on two types of mediums.

    Young children can see the souls around them in ways most adults do not,, hence the invisible friends,, LOl, course from what I have been told that also in part is because children do not realize they are not supposed to see things that adults do not..

    Your picture with your husband and new born along with his father,, a beautiful way to have a three generation picture ,,it is good your so comfortable with your father in law being around,, talking to him and keeping him as part of the family is always appreciated so much by the souls on the other side.The Love we all have is so multi-dimensional if we are open to it,,



  • Thank you for your reply, I talk to my father in law every chance I get and he shows up to me in dreams.I've had a few dreams that bring me to tears because they met so much to me. I have his pictures everywhere, even though he died in a house fire when my husband was little we still have the house and we want to make him proud of us. I know he is always around smiling at us(especially the children), and thank you again for clearing that up.

  • I have seen things and they scare the crap out of me because I know in my mind I shouldn't be seeing it. And then I wonder why are these things appearing to me? In my last apartment a girl used to whisper in my ears at night and then sing opera music. I have walked into my kitchen and seen a man sitting at the table in a brown tweed suit. I was at my ex boyfriends house and I saw this figure crossing his lawn and so many other experiences but I try to shut them out of my mind because I wonder who would believe me if I said so. What does this mean?

  • JB2 I feel very comfortable when I sense its a family member that passed on, the other night I woke up to almost a growling voice that was in my dream, but I heard it in my ear.I rarely experienced anything negative but when I was small I would see shadows I was terrified of my moms closet and there was a woman and a little girl at the top of my steps in my house.I thought the woman was sick or disturbed because she was mean to the girl.

    That means what your seeing is real, I will normally keep things that I have seen to myself because so many people are unwilling to except it but when you find someone of like minds its always good to talk about it.I think you might be pretty sensitive, I know I'm not really psychic but I can sense and sometimes see things and I'm good at getting vibes from people.Do you have the same experiences?

  • JB,

    Those are signs of you being a Psychic Medium (someone who has the ability to see and talk to those who passed). If you do not want them bothering you just confront them and tell them NO you do not want to be bothered anymore. You must fully stand your ground if you do this. I have seen things quite alot lately myself and talked with a Medium about it and thats what she told me. I did that and they do not come up to me as much and if they do i ignore them. An example of one was this little boy coming to me as i was trying to sleep and got in my face and pushing his hand in my face and the second time i said thats it I had enough now go away.

    If you want this to continue then ask them to show you or tell you what they want help with and try to help them or let them help you.

  • JB,

    Do not be a scared of the energy you are seeing,,They are not meant to scare anyone.Souls and other dimensions behind the veils come through all the time.More so then many people realize..Sometimes just stored energies in areas do this as well.Sometimes the energy is left behind from when some one alive moves leaving a happy joyous energy and sometimes sadness ,Not all of this is caused by those who have passed over.

    There are so many fascinating fantastic things in this world to be experienced. Enjoy what is shared with you..Smile and laugh at the girl who whispered in your ear she needed to share her secrets with someone..The opera music from her era,, was something that she wanted someone to appreciate..

    I try and tell people to not read something into what we see.I have learned from the other side for years..One of those lessons that took me a while to accept,,,, Not everything we see is what it is meant to be....



  • Hi Friedfish, White orbs and glowing orbs are generally very good signs. A lot of people believe that they are in fact angels. Was it night time when you saw these. My mother and brother have seen the same and both were at night. They're thought to be protection but some say that they precede a holier presence. In other words, a holier presence visited you with the angels. I don't know if your going thru a struggle or just a good person in general.

    Also, wanted to add some thoughts on dark figures. My understanding is that they are not as high as the angels and have been cast into the darkness. It makes sense that they would chase you as they are not exactly happy in their state. I think that you can see them because of the present state that your in (Jungle Bunny). I don't think you have to necessarily fear them but know they are close and it's your present state that makes you able to see (notice) them. Another good reason to put this guy out of your mind.

  • KT, I am realy good at getting vibes from people. I definitely feel what people feel with certain people i pick up thoughts. I am not sure why but they always scare me because I think its that I dont have an understanding. I also feel sometimes energy besides me or behind me. I honestly try not to see it. When I was a little girl I would see my great grandmother who died almost 10 years before I was born in the purple dress she was buried in but she never scared me. The day my great grandfather passed away I felt him going it was like as if he stoped by. There was his unique smell and I remember that day it was overwhelming. I try to understand but its hard and I never knew how to react or what to do when I felt these things for years I have just been ignoring it all

  • When you say energy you mean a presence? at night I can feel as though someone is standing near me, and I see some type of movement like the air is warped in a mass, thats the only way to describe it.How I managed to find out it wasn't my imagination was by telling whatever I saw to touch my hand and I could feel it. I know very little about these things but I have heard people are receptive in very different ways.

    I was always told I was making up stories as a kid but I have had the same type of experiences and I still remember all of them clearly I didn't know how to handle them, but they left me for a while and they'd pop back up.Being very curious by nature I don't want these experiences to leave.If you are truly interested don't ignore it.

  • When i say energy I mean a presence. I am afraid to actually embrace them because I am afraid of opening the flood gates of something and then not have control over it

  • JB,

    I would suggest you contact a psychic medium near you that you can sit down and talk to in person. They will be able to help you with this ability you have and bring some peace into your life.

    As I said before I too have visitors who come around but mostly when i get into bed and before i can even shut my eyes i can feel them there. I have seen animal spirits besides people spirits so far none have ever harmed me it just is annoying as most times they come to visit when i rest. Except last night i saw a shadow moving around earlier in the day but trying to stay out of sight.

    I myself contacted a Medium that my Paranormal group has been working with as it can be unsettling at first until you can better control this ability. I wish you the best and will say a prayer to have them keep away from you until you wish for them to visit or not. So do not be scared of them and Stand your Ground.

  • JB,

    I guess I am wondering what you feel when your in the presence of the energy that your feeling??

    I am a psychic medium who has had the gift since childhood.I have also walked many people through the learning stages of how to handle the gifts that the infinite light bestows on everyone..It is few that find their way to understanding them.There are many who develop using the techniques and tools from their higher self as well..As we all see.It is a varied world when it comes to many of us..

    However that said we also, like all people in this world ,have different beliefs and other ways of looking at this world.We also all tend to have many perspectives of the souls based on how we have been brought up.We all interpret them in a different light.

    Anyhow I do not come in here often to write unless I have been called this direction.There is not a flood gate the souls do not overwhelm people in most circumstances one simply asks them to please leave them alone or what they need.It is not like the I see dead people show with the kid seeing the dead,,,,One also does not see people in the forms of their deaths,,Most the times with myself unless I am doing a reading I rarely see the souls in human form I see them in energy form....The only times I have ever been overwhelmed in my lifetime has been if I drink to much, if I am emotional,and occasionally in sleep state,, however none of this is from evil it is simply because I have left my port open so to say allowing my mind to openly be accessed.I have channeled several others this way with out a clue until my loved ones have brought it to an end...

    I know many people dis-agree with this but in my lifetime of living with this gift I have NEVER encountered evil.I have dealt with souls that appear that way but if spoken to and listened to they are not they are simply confused..But this also comes down to what we choose to look at in this world and what lessons we openly have learned from those who have crossed over..Every one has a different take on what they have personally learned from the other side and the infinite light.I also know that all souls in the physical have this gift and there is no right or wrong method or way to use it,,including making it go away if that is what one needs..

    Left over energies are often seen in the physical world as well,, they do appear in human form, scents, noises, etc,, Usually located where is it has been left,,This is also very different from a soul or spirit.

    Everyone in this world comes into life having the senses and seeing things,, how or if you choose to access your abilities is your choice..If your not comfortable with them now just let them go back into the place in your mind that makes you feel better.

    It is interesting to me how people perceive these gifts.

    I hope that others are having a joyous day filled with light and love.I am off today having some upcoming readings ..time to go meditate and bring my vibration up so that I may understand much clearer.



  • Dalia,

    Thanks for reading my comment, I can use all the help i can get. I'm pretty sure the orbs are angels. At the time they started too appear my daughter had been born 3months prior.,But i just moved into the house.The first orb was near her crib and in the middle of the day but the orb seemed to be very faint. i kept taking pictures and they became brighter more like it was glowing

    with lots of rings inside the ball like cells of a tree.

    You ask if, i was going through a struggle, Well i feel as if most of my life has been a struggle,but always feel as if others are worse of then myself and shouldn't complain. I could barely afford to pay the rent,and had recently took on the responsibility of a foster child. Thats a whole other situation. I knew there was something special happening around me at that moment. I knew something was wrong with this 10 year old girl and she hadnt told any one. I knew, and I knew what!~ but i dont understand how??? anyway i showed her she could trust me and at all can out! I don't feel comfortable with the complete details but lets just say there was jail time involved..I was able to help her. These orbs grew in size and were always around the kids. I also have a son.

    It's been 3years since i moved out that house and just after leaving the house myseriously burned to the ground. nothing left!

    Im in an apartment now, with just my children and their father. I help to reunite my foster daughter with her mother, so shes no longer with me, but the orbs are. It's been awhile since ive taken pictures but every one in awhile some thing happens. For instance; I recently had an argument with my kids father after he left; i went to the computer 5 minutes into sitting out of nowhere a big bang on the table like someone slamming their fist against it but no one was home just me! I'm so confused!! I consider to be a good person, maybe i need to work on being good to myself but other then that I TRY!!!

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