Dark shadowy figures

  • I am really disturbed by a dream i had. In the dream dark shadowy figures were chasing me. I was running but they were relentles and kept following me. I tried asking them to leave me alone but I couldnt speak. Whats more weird about the dream is that walking home saturday night I was seeing these figures as well. I was terrified. The hair on my neck stood on end. Does anyone have any idea what this might mean?

  • Hi junglebunny2,

    I believe you are very lucky to have such a strong connection with your Spirit Guide who is obviously giving you a “heads up” on possible future events, and this time it put you on your guard and saved you from what could have happened. Don’t ignore dreams like that!

    In Love and Light,


    The Meaning of Prophetic Dreams

    by Sylvia Browne

    Many different types of dreams exist, some of which can predict the future. While many people don’t think they have psychic abilities, they often can remember a time when they had a powerful prophetic dream. Your psychic mind provides you with valuable impressions while you are sleeping peacefully. The meaning of these prophetic dreams can be powerful.

    So how will you know if a dream is truly prophetic, and how do you interpret a prophetic dream? Prophetic dreams are always in color and never in black and white. A prophetic dream has logical action where one thing leads to another in a sequence that you will easily understand. It is critical to understand that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to have a prophetic dream. Only you can make the final decision if a dream is a prophetic one.

    Our minds and spirits are quite active as we sleep. My spirit guide Francine once said that if there was no difference between our waking mind and our sleeping mind that we would simply go insane. Prophetic dreams are simply one type of dream that you can have – they are not the only kind.

    Some people have come to me over the years very concerned with a troubling dream that they feel is prophetic. It is a dream that is in color and has a logical sequence – both signs of a prophetic dream. But the dream turns out to be about their fears, anxieties and unreleased emotions. This dream is a “release” dream.

    We all have release dreams. It is a common mistake to confuse a release dream with a prophetic dream. You need to know how to interpret your dreams and trust that if this is an issue you are fearful about – it very well could be a release dream. We need to have release dreams. This is a healthy way to release fears, anxieties, and unexpressed emotions that we deal with in our daily lives.

    Connect with your world of dreams to discover your prophetic dreams. Write down your dreams first thing in the morning in a notebook. This useful tool will help you track your accuracy. Remember to go back through your notebook at least once a week to see which dreams are prophetic.

    Stay open to the interpretation of your dreams. Sometimes you will not know a dream is prophetic until something occurs in your life to remind you of a dream you had several weeks ago. Keeping your dream journal will help give you confidence in your prophetic dreams. Be sure to write down your dreams quickly in the morning. Sleep researchers say that we misplace half of the information of a dream within five minutes after we wake up, and ninety percent of the dream ten minutes after waking.

    May all of your very best dreams come true. Happy dreaming!

    Love always,

    Sylvia Browne

    P.S. Your dreams are waiting for you to discover them. You are having prophetic dreams all the time that send you messages to help you lead and improve your life. Dreamers also have wish dreams, release dreams and even astral travel in their dreams. Learn more about the richness of your dreams in my Book of Dreams. Translate the language of your dreams!

  • I actually had a black and white shadow dream when I was a teen and the shadows were swirling around my room, human shaped and moving fast.When I was small, I would see shadows in my room and I was terrified most were unexplainable.The last time I encountered these same shadows was in the hospital after I had my daughter, I thought it might be me.When I went to get a shower my husband was explaining to me that he was seeing something moving around the room as well.

  • JB,

    Shadow can are meant to be the darker side of our light. The dark shadows in dreams when I have them tend to relate to the dark side of my soul.They are meant to act as a learning tool,I pick up energy from you that you have several inner struggles going on with in your self..You know deep from with in what is needing to be done for each of these issues,, You are young and faced with several issues that you are learning life lessons from.Love has become an intertwined conflict for you as you struggle with the young gentleman in your life who has his own life challenges tend to bring you to helping feed his addictions..You have an old soul with you either born or very young who serves to keep the both of you tangled in this web,, as well as work issues that you will address after you have found your way,,

    However in my world and from my point of view ,, and that is what this is my dearest,,I believe your dream and dark shadows are your dark side as it reminds you it is still a part of who you are and where your going, As the mind moves forward and you are finding your way the dark shadow pursue you hoping to drag you back,, the dark thoughts and the comfort zone you have built are a bubble and it is always hard for us to leave that safety zone and move forward.. You need to stop and look at yourself and your life journey you need to realize that your loved one is a crossed path and that he is on his own journey ,, you may both find your way and walk the road together or you may find you need to go different directions in order to better yourselves. you also should look at the old soul that has been gifted to the two of you and realize no one owns him,, he is his own as well the two of you are in his life as physical guides..During this early part of his journey,, he will need guidance from all who love him..

    With the dark shadows of ones life they are waiting to be embraced as part of who we are,, you need to find the way to bring your life into a balance..When shadows step from the dream world of our minds they can easily step into the physical side of our world..They come through the mind states ,, emotional states also allow the soul to allow them through much easier..When we have a balance of light and dark with in us we are comfortable,, As we learn and grow and obtain our life lessons we tend to become a lighter person ,, the same can be said if we tend to bring the dark negative world more to the surface,, We create who and what we are ..from with in our selfs..

    Look at your life hun and find what you believe the dark shadows may relate tooo, look at the issues you are struggling with and find a balance for them,, the dark shadows will diminish,,

    Hugs, Laughter,Light,Love


  • I am so sorry miss I am so coonfused by what you have said can you please elaborate?

  • JB,,

    Pretty simply put what I was writing about is the light and dark side of every soul that comes into this world.You have many issues in your life right now that border on the darker side (into the shadows) You have inner struggles as your trying to find your way,,,You are making changes daily as your soul grows.

    In dream state , alcohol ,drugs,, and high emotional states ones inner mind can communicate much more clearly using signs and metaphors.What I believe your experiencing is a state of growth and your moving out of some darker situations.You yourself know you must go forward and make changes,, while the shadows relate to your world in the past and present as they chase you in your dream they are calling to you not to make the changes you feel you need to.Once one has dreams that bring the darker side or shadow side to their attention the mind brings it forward when we are open to it.Hence the shadows represent what keeps you pulled down and not allowing yourself to grow.

    When you can find a balance within yourself they become a part of self again.

    How about this one..Sorry about the above I write as info comes into my mind.Sometimes I know I can be harder to read..LOL, the reason I do not regularly post..LOl,,



  • thank you if you have read my post i recently broke up with some I really loved and its caused major turmoil in my life and I am trying to figure out where to go from this. Thank you

  • JB,,

    The shadows are not meant to scare or as some occasionally say evil..They are a bit in the lines of the metaphor the hounds from hell nipping on our heels..The shadows or dark side of our soul is a teaching aid.It helps us to accept the inner growth by challenging us..

    I have not read about your journey,, I know from what I pick up their is another soul involved,, a very young child who brings a connection to what you have said is the love of your life,, Be sure to put this soul first,, realize he needs both of you at your best,,in his journey through life.

    I wish you well in the changes you are making in your life,, I also believe you will be venturing out on your own(with the help of friends) in the employment world,, You are growing my dear and learning,, remember to always look for the good and not dwell on the bad..



  • Really? You pick up a child? We do not have children together. Hmm that is interesting. Someone asked me about a misarriage yesterday as well.

  • LOL,, I have been picking up a child for some reason ,, perhaps it is just and energy that surrounds you ,,,Sometimes that happens with me,, I pick another soul around you that both of you share..did you share a friend or someone close who may of passed over??? maybe thats what I am picking up, Or one other energy how about a pet that you both love??

  • There were two cats. I miss that cat so much. I got worried for a minute. Unlike many other break ups in the past i still feel a strong connection to him. I am not sure if that makes sense.

  • LOl, okay, maybe thats what I am getting , sometimes when people are connected and pets were basically children ,, usually it is not quite this much energy,,LOl,,Sweety when we love deeply we always have a strong connection..When we share life lessons together that have progressed our growth we seem to find even deeper bonds.. and sometimes we are parting from an old lover from a past life so the connections can be even deeper..

  • How do I break the connection. I feel as if my heart has never left its still there with him 😞

  • That is always the hard part.Going through the end of a relationship is a bit like losing a loved job or a person..One really has to find their way through the emotional steps.It is a bit like grieving if you want to look at it that way..You must work through the emotional steps until you are able to look at the great things you have gained from not only your time together but now what you are learning about yourself since he is gone from your life.. Once you work through these and really feel comfortable with who you have become as an individual and love yourself for who you are without him in your life,, the hurt moves out,, the connection has less power over you..

    Always remember however that only you can give him the power he has over you..Only you allow others to hurt you,, it is that simple yet that hard,,,

  • yes well that will take a while. I hope dark shadows dont chase me until then

  • wow im impressed by how well you can read others and just by reading there words.maybe you can tell me something about me my bd is 2/23/79 my sun sign is pisces moon is capricorn &rising is capricorn. If you have the time i would love to gain new information. The main thing i need to know about is what or who is around me. I remember one night my daughter woke up crying; I took her out the crib and changed her pamper as i dropped the rolled up pamper on the floor, a grayish cloud of fog, smoke something flew past me. I knew instantly it wasnt something normal.Ever since then orbs or glowing balls are in almost every picture i take. what could this be. Please help.

  • JB,

    The shadows will only be in your life if you allow them to be...

  • maybe if he just came back they would go away 😞

  • Fried fish,,,

    The smoke, fog or something is an illusion that is from the other side meant to say "Hello",, the orbs or glowing balls are souls as well it takes less energy for them to come into your life this way....Their energy shows up in pics that way..Sometimes they will even show up in colors that reflect the person who passed away..My son for example shows up in cobalt blue and deep yellow colors he always requested for his bead work..Off course for those skeptics out there ,, there is also evidence that water or fogging of the lens can produce this look, as well as say a nice glittery diamond can produce an orb look as well,,LOL,, I know this since I am also a critic and have ran tests to look at different aspects,, besides the energy from the ones I pick up,,

    Have you lost someone important in your life who would want to make their presence very clear especially with the baby..I pick up an older person,, perhaps in their 70s or so (keep in mind this could be their age now or when they passed),, Seems to be a gentleman, perhaps a grandfather or great grandfather figure..Kind of a tough gruff cookie with a soft heart,, especially for a grand daughter whom he may of been friends with until she was born and now wants to reach out and let others know he is around in her life and yours.With out going into meditation that is about as detailed as I can get,, its been a tiring day for me with some vocal souls,,

    FF, what your feeling around you is a soul who loves you,, there is nothing to fear,, You may even want to just say hello and talk to them,, have you had a brother pass over at some time ,, for some reason I had this pop in for a sec as well, either that or I am just tired and need to recharge,,,,

    Your daughter has a built in set of guardian angels hun, that is a good thing you know,, Babies when young have more connections to their previous lives and are still at a point they can recollect,, they know these people around them,, look at your little one sometime from a distance ,, you may see her interacting with someone or something that is invisible to you,, that is a soul talking to her,,laughing and maybe even tickling her,,your concerns that this could be a negative energy around her need not be there she is safer with them around,,you will appreciate them more in a couple of years,,,



  • Thanks mytwistedworld,

    you kinda stirred up feelings for a second i lost my grandfather but i dont remember him;

    My daughters grandfather passed almost 2 years now. I was kinda close with him; I respected him and he is as you described but he was still alive when this occured. Also i have 3 brothers 2 of them are also still alive, the other i havent seen since i was about six.

    I would love for you to try again at another time. Also if its helpful my bd 2/23/79 2:28am

    and i have a boy & girl!

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