Relationship advice

  • Hi i am new to all this need answer from captain or a reading if anyone can help me i am a sagitarius born 14/12/1958 always been shy all my live gradually getting my confidence about 4 years ago had a bad relationship since then not interested in men then2 years ago done a pc course there was a tutor there who tried to talk to me but my confidence could not speak just smiled then moved out area just moved back after two years joined a website out of the blue had an email from this tutor who had been looking for me for two years we met twice and he told wanted to get to know me more but could not because of work he is single 2 ex partners with baggage partners did not work out he is shy and quiet first date he went full on with me as if it wants a relationship then the second went bit more had **** telephone about every week and then he wants me to phone him as well on the phone about hour does not tell how he feels for me told me not had a relationship for 7 years tried to find out what he wants from me told me he thought wants a relationship then tells me friendship then talks **** all the time then mentioned relationship to me boyfriend in not so many words out the blue he is so secretive i know he has been hurt in the past and think wants relationship but wants take his time but i dont want get hurt a i have felt all different emotion never felt before and feel comfortable with him as being with him a feel different plus i am trying so hard to get a job plus he is looking for wor k as well we meeting each other either this week or next my email address is

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