Would like a reading on myself? My future as far as my design goals.

  • Would like a reading on my career goals at becoming a fashion designer? and possibly a love reading? Thank you very much!

  • Hi LovelyPisces, I am on your list for a reading so I thought I might offer to trade readings (you'll find my question on your thread). I often read for friends but not here on the forum. Anyway, I am trying to do the reading on your career goal and I started with a four card reading, three cards and one as an overview. You're really stumping me with this one so I went on to a Celtic cross to see if that would help and yet I'm still a bit stumped. First I'll share the four cards (Rider-Waite deck):

    King of Pents

    7 Swords

    6 Pents

    Overview 2 of Swords

    My immediate reaction was that maybe you are really not so certain that this is what you want to do with your life. Is there another profession that you feel strongly about as well? Or is there someone prompting you to go a different direction? I thought the King of Pents might reflect your ability to run your own business, but maybe there is a man in the picture that has influence over your financial undertakings or who has a strong opinion/influence on your ability to reach your goal? The 7 swords is the one that threw me for a loop. Next to the King it makes him suspicious, like he might not have your interests at heart, he might really be wanting to go a different direction or try to lead you in a different direction. Or, if the King energy is you, it actually reinforces that 2 of Swords, like you want to move in this direction of a fashion designer, and you are capable, but there's something you have to leave behind to do it. You are of two minds here. The 6 of Pents leads me to think that the King might be someone who can help you financially, or in general that you will find the material help you need to make your career a reality - or is it possible that you are the kind of person who would be happier in a service role, something where you can help people or support a good cause. Is there a way to do both? Such as obtain your fabrics and supplies from sources that support organic farming, or women in an oppressed situations, such as impoverished single mothers in Nepal who weave fabrics or craft embellishments or something. You get my drift - sort of killing two birds with one stone.

    So the Celtic cross:

    Right now you are 4 Swords

    Covered by the Knight of Swords

    Immediate future 7 Swords (there he is again!)

    Foundation of the matter is 6 of Wands

    Just behind you is 2 of Pents

    What might happen is The Fool

    Your feelings on the matter is Temperance

    Outside influence is Page of Cups

    Hopes/Fear is Death

    Potential outcome is Chariot

    General atmosphere around reading is The Hanged Man

    I still get a sense of an obstacle of some sort, or something that you need to overcome before you can forge ahead. Something you are waiting on. The Knight energy might suggest something cleared from your mind, some kind of peace of mind, information or clarity seems needed before you can run with your dream. Maybe some struggles getting to this point, you've had to deal with balancing finances and the 4 of swords now seems to find you settled from some recent challenges and preparing for the next challenge. You're in a more balanced frame of mind right now, warm fuzzies around you; good friends, happy interactions. Fool says you're ready to take some chances. Death makes me wonder if you are afraid of leaving something behind if you follow your dream or you are afraid of change perhaps? Then again, maybe you ARE hopeful to have a very dramatic and permanent change from the past.

    As you know The Chariot assures you that you will get to your goal (and of course the 6 of wands with the rider returning home in triumph), but you must stay focused and not be led down stay paths. Spirit drives the Chariot so trust that Spirit wants to take you where you need to go. As you know, things can happen fast when the Chariot appears also, you might feel that you have to make some quick decisions. But Hanged man seems to caution you to be patient about something involved here. What you need will be there for you when it's time, although you may feel at times that you are not seeing results or things aren't happening the way you wanted/expected them to. There's a lot of energy and desire for change, but there's that 7 of swords in there. I want to tell you to stay true to yourself above all else. Trust your instincts when making decisions and go into your new direction thoughtfully and maintaining a sense of self-control. Don't let anyone rush you into decisions that are not true to you or your vision for yourself. That darned 7 of swords, just always makes me suspicious that what you seen in front of you needs to be questioned. Don't' accept things at face value, or take anyone's word for something that feels "off" to you, do your own research if needed.

    Okay, now you must tell me if anything here makes sense. Usually readings seem to unfold so naturally, but this one has been a challenge. I will be so interested to know if there's some logic here. If so, then I would be happy to try a love reading for you. Let's see how this one pans out first though, lol.

    Blessings, Rita

  • I would like to share something that took me a while to learn 🙂 When working with Tarot, Angel, Oracle, etc. cards, sometimes the answer we get is only as good as the question. A vague question will often produce a vague answer. However, sometimes we ask for too specific an answer that will or can not be answered. For example, "Yes" or "No" questions or questions that begin with "when" "how long" or "who" do not produce clear results/answers. On the other hand, questions beginning with "what" or "how" can give valuable insight. The answers that come through will normally provide clarity and/or suggest a path to take that will lead you where you need to go.

    Examples of how I would pose the question about your love life would be:

    "What should LovelyPisces do in order to attract a new love in her life?"

    "How can LovelyPisces attract a new romantic partner?"

    Examples of how I would pose the question about your career goals would be:

    "What can LovelyPisces expect if she pursues a career in fashion design?"

    "For best results, how should Lovely Pisces approach a career in fashion design?"

    Just some food for thought...hope it helps!

  • Thanks Watergirl! I did pose the question as "tell me about LovelyPisces' goal to become a fashion designer". The difference in what you suggest is subtle, but I see how it is more specific. It will be interesting to learn what LovelyPisces sees here since she reads cards also. Wonderful to learn from each other this way and I do appreciate your input, it is very helpful!! Thank you!

  • WOW!!! Rita.. This is incredible!! Yes there are other things I have been just as passionate about in my life. Im not sure exactly what other career I have measured to being a fashion designer. Yes I do like to be of service to others. My biggest challenge is finding footing mentally to pursue my goal. I have obstacles left and right in my life. Financial obstacles and family obstacles. I am single and have no kids so I have that freedom easier to pursue something that I want but mentally I feel I must wait to be ready or I dont know enough. There is another career, Acting or anything to do with my artistic talents.

    I like that you said don't accept things as face value as if there's more going on behind the scenes and things are not as bad as they may seem.

    "Death makes me wonder if you are afraid of leaving something behind if you follow your dream or you are afraid of change perhaps?"

    I may be eager to change my surroundings however yes I am extremely afraid of making the wrong move. Like I move away from my family and I fail and they wont accept me back. I have been through A LOT in the past 2 years you wouldn't believe, those experiences were enough to prepare me and show me I can do anything and move out of here. My only worry is also Ive sown some negative things in my life and it has sometimes left me bitter and untrusting and almost like I don't deserve to purse my goals or that people hate me for the things Ive done or Im not good enough.

    I believe in the universe hearing your words and seeing your actions and then the universe lays out your destiny based on your past actions. I don't know how I came to believe that but that has led me to feel upset and worthless sometimes. Those involved in these bad encounters have wished negative things on my life.

    I am being cautious with those I surround myself with. My greatest gift is the ability to just get back when things break down. Ive had a lot of people put me in positions that were intended to hurt me or destroy my future and somehow Im back again wanting to keep going for my goals.

    "As you know The Chariot assures you that you will get to your goal (and of course the 6 of wands with the rider returning home in triumph), but you must stay focused and not be led down stay paths. "

    I will stay focused and not follow paths that lead me no where.

    About the man. The king. I had a man in my life in the recent past. The tarot could be picking him up as present because he could still be emotionally attached to me and a possibility of talking ot him again. He knows my goals but I dont think he was supportive of them. He gave me conflicting feelings about that part of my life. One minutes he was super supportive and then next minute mad and angry and didn't care.

    I think of ways to use my future success to give to the world and help others.

    I am also interested in my own business which would be my own clothing line.

    All of this is extremely accurate and very detailed.

    I have more to say but I really want to study this reading you gave me!! Let me know what you think of my response. 🙂

    Im heading over to my thread to get your request!

  • Thanks for the feedback LovelyPisces. "Whew" was my first reaction. I was feeling a lot of negativity in all of this but was kind of holding back because I didn't want to be a bummer. I try to find the optimism in things, but we all know how life just isn't that way sometimes. But based on what you're saying that negativity should really be put in the past now. I think it just creeps into your mind in the present and causes havoc. The Hanged Man is also about letting go, you know, and opening yourself to new ways of thinking. Whatever trail of tears you may have travelled in the past, you are in a very balanced state right now and have managed to surround yourself with new relationships that are kind and loving (that page of cups is around you).

    It's hard to let go of fear sometimes, especially when you have hurt deeply. But sometimes those experiences are the very thing that can inspire you to look to the future and say, "I've made it through so much, if I take a chance what is the worst thing that can happen, and is it any worse than what I have come through in the past?" Fear from past experience can freeze us and make us want to hide from hurt, or it can inspire the warrior that I believe each of us posses within to forge ahead into the unknown. Think about explorers fearlessly venturing into uncharted territory. We're all explorers in our own little way...if we choose to be. Hard to be an explorer if you can't let go of the "safety" of what you've known in the past. As you describe it wasn't so safe, or happy, so the "unknown" is truly unknown to you. A happier state is probably a bit of a mysterious land to you right now. Can it really be out there...?

    So maybe that 7 of Swords is really you, wanting to take your thoughts someplace new, but you keep looking back to those swords (your thoughts) stuck in the past, that you are leaving behind. (See the symbolism of the Rider Waite 7 Swords.) As I mentioned, "of two minds", your mind is in two places. And see there's that doubt in yourself saying, "if I bundle up my thoughts and keep going with all my swords into some new place, will the past still be there? Will those swords I planted in the ground still be stuck there when I get back?" Only one way to find out you know.

    I don't like the sounds of that man from your past and I hope that he does not reappear. At the very least he doesn't sound like a positive influence that will help you realize your dreams for yourself. It doesn't sound as though you have any real obstacles to moving forward at this time. Just keep working on not letting yourself be your own obstacle. Don't spend too long "getting ready to get ready to finally do something". Nothing to do with the Tarot, but just my observation in life - the entrepreneurs I've known who succeed don't wait until they formulate the perfect plan. They get started and sort of make it up as they go. Again, it's about being fearless. These are people who aren't afraid to make mistakes along the way or even outright fail, they just reroute themselves and change directions if they hit obstacles. I picture them flowing along in a rapid river in a boat. If they crash and end up with their boat in pieces on the shore, they quick rebuild the boat and hop back in. I wish I were more like that myself! I've had some ideas of my own for starting a little business and it's no accident that I'm gravitating towards people with that entrepreneurial spirit, trying to learn and find that energy for myself. These are fun people to be around as well, as they seem to be living very true to themselves and following their passions. Be aware of people in your life who might be similar and try to align yourself with that kind of energy as well maybe? Sorry, I'm kind of off topic there, but it seems like the creative realm you picture for your future will mean you're going to need that kind of energy.

    Thanks again for your thoughts on the reading. I've really enjoyed exploring this one!

  • P.S. My post is on page 5 of your thread, "Would like to give love tarot readings. New To site." If you get a minute I'd love to see what comes up for my question. Even a small reading would be fine. I feel like I'm asking to cut in your Tarot reading line but there's a dynamic at play this week that could bring things to resolution so I'm feeling some urgency (anxiety?) about it. I don't know what to trust in this situation. Thank you LovelyPisces.

  • Rita thank you!!! I am going to work on your reading today! I will give you a detailed one. 🙂

  • Hi LovelyPisces - I did a little four card reading asking "is there a new love relationship in store for LovelyPisces at this time" and here's what I got:

    Overview of the three cards is the 9 of Wands. I usually mention this card last to sum up the other cards, but it seems so supported by the other three cards that I'm leading with it this time. So 9 of wands...he's defending his turf - the wands (growth) that he has obtained so far. Lessons learned the hard way as we see his head is wounded and bound. You've been through some challenges, you've drawn some boundaries for yourself and you're standing by them and standing up for yourself. In it's negative it could mean defensiveness, but I tend to see this figure as courageous and feeling strong and confident in himself. Sort of saying, "bring it on, I can handle it!"

    First card was the 4 of Pents. You want to hang on to what you have accomplished so far. Your mind and heart are concerned with material things at the moment (the pent on his head and gripping another pent to his heart). You're prepared to be a little bit selfish even to keep things stable (energy of the 4 and it's stability). Not going to budge easily (if you did you'd have to take your feet off those two pents on the ground and if you did that, they might get snatched away!)

    Next is the Page of Wands. Could be romantic possibilities in this one, but I tend to see it as more opportunities for growth. Positive opportunities coming your way, not the kind you have to fight to create. I like the 9 of Wands with this card because I imagine you knowing what you want and open to the kind of opportunities that can help you get it. With the 4 of Pents I get a sense of perhaps even rejecting anything that doesn't line up with your plans or sense of security. You're going to be selective about what you let in your life right now.

    And there's the 2 of Pents keeping things in balance while working towards material stability and advancement to come. Doing a good job of keeping things going smoothly on all fronts.

    Really seems like you're more focused on your own endeavors right now and not willing to give that up easily. Don't see you really longing for a relationship here, seems like you're just open to new things in general. No major cards at all so the situation could change easily. Never know what the Page might bring into the situation that could set things in motion for a new direction or lead to bringing new people into your life...and with new people comes new opportunities for love connections.

    Not a very exciting response to a love reading, but not so bad either. When you're in a solid position personally, the chances are much better that you'll make good decisions about anyone new who comes into your life. You'll act in ways that support you, rather than react randomly because you aren't sure what you want. Being open to new possibilities is what will allow those possibilities to manifest in your life, so don't let that miser in the 4 of Pents get too carried away. Stay in your comfort zone with what makes you feel secure, but don't push everything away to protect yourself. There is a level of defensiveness indicated here, but I don't see you allowing it rule you. You'll balance it out with that 2 of Pents.

    Sorry such a little reading, things are hectic this week. But I hope it gave you some things to think about. 🙂

  • Rita thank you for the reading!! This was way on point! I am mainly focused on material things right now. Not too worried about a relationship. I am however constantly thinking about someone I was with a while ago and I do miss him a lot but he caused a lot of mess and has lied on me and make me look bad. I admit I handled things wrong with him but that doesn't much right to do and put words in my mouth and get me in trouble. He is the controlling man you brought up in your reading. I have been through a lot of challenges and I got to the point its my way or no way and I can take of myself and be alone if thats what it takes for me to have my way.

    He put me through a lot and disrespected everything about me.

    My only choice ow is to work towards material goals. I just feel theres a lot more I want out of life and now that I am a part from him I have that opportunity. My family is the only ones who stuck by me through that time.

    I love my comfort zone now. I have been through dangerous situations because of the last guy I was with. He played too many games and had people harass me when I walked to the store but then acted like he was the victim. Either way he moved on before like I never mattered so he'd do it again.

    Im glad you moved that page of wands towards personal growth then romance. I dont even have the drive to be romantically involved with someone. I dont know if it is because Im scarred from my last involvement or what. The last thing I feel like doing is letting myself go again and falling for someone else.

    Im learning not to allow my defense to rule me but I use to let others in without any kind of check at the door. Now because of my experiences Im extremely iffy.

    Thank you so much for the reading Rita!! :))))

  • Hi LovelyP, glad to hear you got something out of that reading. Now no cards involved here, just a personal comment: I think it's good for you to focus on yourself right now and feel REALLY okay about it. Sounds like you do have a bit more healing to do over that last guy, and it's so smart that you can see that and just relax in doing some things you love for yourself right now. Good for you! 🙂

    Btw, things are ever-so-slowly progressing with that relationship that you did a reading for me about. You have no idea how much your reading has affected how I am responding to the situation right now. I had been so ready to throw in the towel at times but your advice to chill out and be patient and try to be fair and respectful have kept me in check - and of course it has paid off! It's a snail's pace, but it's a snail's pace in the right direction. I am so grateful that you agreed to exchange readings when we did because timing was truly everything in this matter. I honestly think the relationship might have blown up permanently were it not for you helping me to take a different perspective at that time. Thank you for being there when I needed you. I hope that you will be just as blessed if a day comes when you need help, and the right people will magically be there for you just when you need them!

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