I dont know what my cards mean???????

  • please help as i am new to this, i kinda understand what my cards mean but i dont know how to connect my cards to each other and what they mean??????

    celtic cross spread

    1. four of wands

    2. two of swords

    3.the tower

    4. ten of pentacles

    5. queen of wands

    6. the star

    7. nine of cups

    8. the moon

    9. the chariot

    10. seven of swords

    11. two of pentacles

    12. page of wands

    13. king of cups

    14. queen of pentacles

    can anyone please help me???


  • the position of the cards should explain for you.

    there are free sites on net "meaning of tarot cards." find one you like and teach yourself

    after awhile the cards began to mean something to you just by sight

    i have a site in my favorites and when i don't quite understand i look up the card

    best of luck to you my friend!!

  • Some celtic crosses are different; so if you put at the side of each number what position it is i.e. distant future, obstacles etc I will have a look and try and interpret these for you. Thanks

  • Hi Can I have that site that you spoke of in your favorites. I too am trying to learn and study the tarot as I walk with a spirit guide that in her time used this method of divination. So in an effort to get to know her I've committed myself to learning the tarot. Some times the messages are so clear while other times I am a bit baffled so i need a site that I can go to find meanings. Thanks

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