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    I'm a Cancer male and I've been kinda dating this scorpio guy since early June, at first when I would see him, it would just be us two and it was usually me making all the plans, but now he (finally!!) is making plans with me but has also been including one or two of his friends into the mix. I feel like we've gotten a lot closer but I'm confused what it means to a scorpio when he starts to include you in with his friends - as an overly analytical Cancer, I've come up with two possible reasons: 1) he's seeing how I interact with his friends to see if we would be a good long term match or 2) I've fallen into the "friend zone" and have no chance with this guy.

    Now I have confronted him a bit on this, I really like him and have told him this, his response was that he likes me too and thinks i"m great but he's in a weird place in his life and isn't looking for a bf right now. I know that Cancers and Scorpios operate on similar wavelengths, if I ever said this to someone, what I really mean is "Keep trying! I'm almost yours, prove to me just a little more that I can trust you and we'll be together", would this sound about right for a Scorpio as well? Why would he waste his time on me if he wasn't interested? I certainly wouldn't

    It's tough analyzing a situation when you aren't just an observer of the situation, so any help from people who have had similar experiences with a Scorpio would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • What does he mean by "hes in a wierd place"? I think he is afraid of hurting you. Maybe he hasnt let go of an old relationship. He likes you just not sure if he wants to commit yet. Play it cool Kel, let him see you having a great time so he will want to be a part of that. ( :

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  • Hi keldjoran. Thanks for your help with my post. I have some Cancer/Scorpio stuff I'd love to email you. I'm not sure how to get email on this tarot forums but if you do please contact me.


    My guy once used a "weird place" kinda thing on me. He then explained that he was thinking about things in his life not going the way he wanted them to and was trying to figure out how to get them to do just that-- go the way he wants them to. He explained to me that when he is in a mood like that he doesnt want to be around people he likes because he doesn't want to get distracted and say or do something he doesnt mean because they (aka me) are getting in his way.

    As odd as it sounds and I know how things ended between us-- I don't think he was lying-- and I was never offended-- and when I backed off and said "ok let me know when your done" (in a very sweet voice) he came back and was better than before (even though ultimately it didn't last).

    Best of luck sweetie!

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