• OMG! so glad to see your post...(aquarian).am entering very electric relationship with a gemini man who has been on my mind nonstop since our first meeting around a month ago. we found each other again, had an encounter here at my place and are planning our first 'date' tonight. HELP! he's very dreamy and talkative which i love but am nervous, there's a big age difference and though neither one of us seem to care wonder if we have what it takes to overcome such obstacles...

  • Aquarius and Gemini ~

    Gemini is willing to go along with Aquarius's taste for experiment . In addition, Aquarius calms down Gemini's flightiness and is a stabilizing influence. They enjoy each others quick, intelligent minds and will have fascinating conversations about people, ideas, and places.

    Both desire harmony and companionship with not a lot of emotional Sturm and Drang. They love to socialize, they have a wide range of outside activities and neither is particularly jealous or proprietory. They'll be fine bedmates and fascinating friends.

    Because both are unpredictable, things can't always go smoothly. But love keeps getting better, for Aquarius adores Gemini's wit and good cheer. If Gemini is somewhat inconstant or unstable, Aquarius understands. If the affair should end, they'll still remain friends. In marriage, these two are affectionate, devoted companions more than passionate lovers.

  • spiritual717 thanks for you comment. I have known this Gemini for a very long time and has always always been so attracted to this moody being. I have pretty much learned how to deal with this person. It seems like we have this special connection. When we are together we are so passionate and we have a lot of fun together. When I have something to celebrate I always end up calling him. They are so smooth. I love this Gemini, but you have to be ready for those Gemini. Thanks

  • yep! all that is dead on! We gemini are crazy and almost unpredictable. We do have our moddy side but aquarius is always there to help straighten us out! Im still friends with all my aquarius counter parts and they are always willing to listen. Most of all great bedmates would be the better words 🙂 As well as the companionship always seems to be almost unmisinterpreted and it seems we always got eachother on almost every level. But as yall say we gemini can be a handful.

  • Can i please get more insight?

  • this is my parents! My mom is an aquarius (1/23) and my dad is a gemini (6/13) They have been together for 17 years and they are absolutely in love and they have a great relationship!

  • Basically worthy if you feel its over, its over,. Hed get ahold of you if otherwise. And if he has a girlfriend then there prolly isnt any hope. You really dont want to set yourself up with disaster. Hope all goes well, sorry so blunt.

  • Hi Serious7, I was not trying to say that it was over. Remeber I love this Gemini man. But also remeber that Gemini men are a so afraid of commitment. I have knoiwn him for a very long time and has not gave up on him. Like I've told him and he's knows that we have a very special connection. I am not there to hurt him but I do know that I was put in his life to love him. I have told him to just give us a chance, he's afraid. I know with out adoubt this man likes me for me. Were alwys some way a part of each other life. He tells me that he does not like me but I know better. He's there when I don't think that he is, we will alway be a part of each others lifes. I will not give up on this Gemini. And forgot to mention, he's much older then I am. But so what.

  • Hi worthy, I'm also a young Aquarius. I got involved with a much older Gemini (12 years) in a very eclectic relationship (he was my boss). It was a very playful situation, my calling it situation because he made it clear he was not looking for anything serious. I went through a lot of game playing and heartache with this one. Only after a year of chasing, and my moving on to someone else, did he come around (completely unexpectedly) to the idea of a monogamous relationship.

    That went well for a few months, in fact, it was the perfect relationship. I couldn't have asked for a closer bond, or better bedroom antics 😉 But, not too long later, he couldn't give up his immature antics, I couldn't stop yelling at him about it, and the relationship went from great to sour.

    Ending: He's back with his ex (a Cancer) who can give him the drama he thrives on. I'm back with my Aquarius ex, who is my best friend and rock of support. And the Gemini and I still send each other funny pictures via our social networking sites, and will always be friends.

    Be careful with that one.

  • Hi Serious7 and Aylia. Still holding on strong and things are still going well between us. Just an update.

  • Read more on ths Thread. Interesting.....

  • Hey what about this site.

  • hi everyone,

    before i give my experience i would love to state..how i noticed inconsistencies in gemini/aquarius relationships. some cheated some didnt. Keep mind that we humans still have a free will and free "choice" Because we are described by a certain sign, rising, moon doesnt mean we will act exactly and think and feel and make choices accordingly. If anything we all need to keep in mind our background the way we were raised.. Also remember its not necessarily absolute if you have one bad relationship with a gem that ALL of them will be that way..People are complicated we run on emotions (even men) so every moment should be enjoyed..lol besides all this blah..let me get to my experience

    me: sun : aquarius

    moon: taurus

    rising; scorpio

    First gem guy:

    He worked in the same building as me (consisted of different businesses) he would always seem to be around me a lot. when im on a smoking break he is there. When im going home he leaves the same time. My friend worked as the valet guy in our building. That gem knew that we were talking all the time. he one day asked my friend "are you guys dating? who is she?" so things went on....you the whole typical chase. We finally talked and he got my number. lasted only 2 weeks. Yes gemini men one minute would love you to death and the next leave you wondering "is he really into me?" he would ask me to lunch text me non stop one day. next 2 days completely ignoring texts or not responding. But then we'll have non-stop conversations. OUR FIRST date came, went to tgif's...he wasn't generous like his sign describes him to be. We ende dup going back to his place..well...made out but i didnt give in..After that...we still met up for lunch but SHORTLY AFTER, i quit my job...i was no longer convinenet things fell apart basically. (this could not necessarily deal with gemini sign at all rather timing and a INDIVIDUAL's current state of wants) Anyways..throughout this game we had...he told another person in our office "dude this girl is intelligent..very perceptive. witty fun...sorta intimidated" anyways...why did he not continue with me? I DONT KNOW haha...I DONT CARE! i mean it was cool getting to know him. no matter how short lived...


    We met through a friend a couple weeks ago..We hit it off like magic...Electricity baby. We talked about so many things...a plethora of topics. Even if its about E.T. the movie or about some traffic ticket we have. Creepy thing is we have the same car...same traffic ticket/for same reason. He is white and man he speaks chinese..he is amazing. Very ambitious...went to china and worked there for awhile...Masters at USC.. Im a artist and he is one too. We both love our freedom. We talked and there was no awkward silence or feeling the very first time we met...it was..breathtaking.

    1 week after initial meeting:

    He texted me and asking when we can hang out again. He wanted me to attend a USC football game with him and tailgating. What happened that day was so awesome. Giving how we both are air signs and both love talking and being social...we would talk to other people at the game and the tailgates...not worried at all about how this person is doing. For instance, i've dated men where i felt i had to babysit them the whole night..With the gemini man he didnt need to babysit me and vice versa. Then we would come hug each other and kiss. he would look deeply into my eyes. We ended up very casually like best friends had fun...(a lot of funny stories that day i cannot go too much into it would take forever HAHA) we did shotguns...he was a gentlemen. during the game he would hold me it was just so passionate. yet simple...Ended up making out hardcore. We are so both sexually in tune with each other its amazing. No we didnt have sex yet..but mentally we are in sync. Ended up at his place just making out..(giving how my last gem experince went) I figured this is it, its over. Gemini men like the chase and im a open book now. So i left him with a bittwer sweet emotion...thinking its over.

    THis week of oct.: Monday-Wednesday

    He texted me "hope you had a fun day that day..i was fun for me!" blah blah blah then lead to a text "when can i see you again? i would love to hang out" then we stopped texting for like 2 days. Then out of nowhere he texts me "would you like to hang out with me Friday night after work?" I responded a day after "not sure, have plans up in the air i'll let you know " he said "DROP YOUR PLANS, lets hang out" I said OK lets "play it out by ear" he's planning on picking me up

    Thursday oct.8.2010: Yesterday:

    He texted randomly throughout the day and of course like gemini men...they get so caught up into their day and the immediate moment..texts are delayed by minutes to hours. However im a aqua so im not really affected by that.I don't feel neglected at all. I understand. Anyways as night approaches...he texted me "what are you doing" i told him "reading". He said "i wish you were here with me, come down!!" i gave a lot of skeptical text messages "not sure, dad is strict" "not sure, have interview tomorrow"..then finally i thought to myself , "just go down there, your feeling lonely right now, its cold, hes hot and your interview is next to his house". So i went down called him that i would be going.

    When i arrived he said "im suprised. didnt think you would actually come~ im glad you did and proved me wrong so was not expecting that"...we instantly hit it off. Hugged. and we just laughed and laughed and laughed. Pillow fights. talked about his roomates and just other subjects...then we started passionately kisisng...(no sex yet 🙂 ) then we would stop and go for a smoke then talk about serious things. Problems and stuff. Then start kissing again. Then next minute i would be kissing him and start talking about some movie. Then he would go off a tangent off of what i said...In bed, seeing how we cannot have sex (had a biopsy so out for 2 weeks physically) we talked dirty and from that moment we knew if sex was added in we would be sooooo perfect for each other. Im very open girl, live and let live (as long as the individual lives according to their convictions im cool), honesty is the best policy, no judgments, just very chill girl and adaptable. So we talk about sex.

    ITs very VERY FREE in our bond. No games. NO BS. NO "OH I HAVE TO PRETEND IM INTERESTED TO GET INTO HER PANTS. NO "LETS KEEP SOCIAL ETIQUETTE WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?" its very easy to get along with each other. We ended up talking and playing with each other to 4 am. despite him being so tired and sleepy from work, he stayed up.Then as i was lookin out the balcony he comes from behind kissing my neck turns me around...Holds my face with two of his hands. Looks into my eyes (he loves my eyes) and says "i wanna take things slow with you...i sorta have a crush on you" i said "ok" he said "haha...your so cute"

    Finally cuddling with me...laying between my chest as i brushed his hair with my nails. THAT is a gemini mans weak spot. NAILS. Stroke his back his hair..anywhere and it will melt him. even with the last gemini guy nails broke him into pieces. Anyways, i have a bad cough and he was so sweet!

    he asked me "oh baby are you OK? would you like water? whats wrong?" i kept saying "im so sorry i should'nt have came over..you have work...i keep coughing" he simply said with urgency and worry "NO NOno dont be sorry dont be sorry...its okay" (cuddles and hugs me harder) kissed me...

    when i woke up this morning...he rolled me over into his chest and said "oh your so cold"..."come here we just..just..shit im speechless.. its amazing...he left to work and still came over to the bed to kiss me bring me water and to make sure i was okay. he said good luck on my interiview. Giving me the 411 like "dont forget to move your car before 10" "You can also take a shower too~ my roomates are cool heres my towel".

    HE texted me the address to my interview because the internet was down at his house. I didnt respond then finally 930am he called me to make sure i was awake and to hurry to the interview (my interview was at 10 am).. THEN HIS EVIL TWIN CAME OUT he said "im so tired..i still wanna hang out...haha just wanna fuck you and sleep so tired)...BUT i didnt take it to heart it was funny.He is so awesome. Remember in this long story..he made plans to hang out TONIGHT but seeing how i kept him up giving him only 3 hours of sleep. he works for 8 am to 9 pm at times (movie industry ) so its only LOGICAL and RATIONAL to just let him have his space. Im pretty tired too..

    Im not sure if anyone really read it and if you guys did.noticed how ...random we are. and fickle it seems. one minute we'll be doing this and in a heart beat onto something else. All his words and actions are just an extension of his ...charming, caring, loving, romantic, passionate, adaptable, intelligent, sensitive personality. YES gemini men are sensitive they just dont show it in a normal obvious way. I will say they are not for the weakhearted or uber sensitive people. despite having a scorpio rising i still have a airy sign to balance it and Taurus for stability. Gemini men are awesome, and even with a bad one before. I have to remind all of you what i stated in the very beginning of my entry. Freedom of decisions, yes we may be true to the zodiacs but it doesnt reflect our choices in life. So relax, have fun! gemini men yes are fickle, and blah blah blah, you can focus on all the negatives and overthink it and self-sabatoging the bond. Go with the flow, whatever happens happesn. "it only takes a moment" nothing else matters!

    im crushing on this gemini man. And even if it is short lived. i am glad i got to experience it with him. WISH ME LUCK!


    aqua z.

  • Zoeybb, have fun with your Gemini. I think Gemini's are awesome.

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