• Why does enlightenment seem to be so difficult to come by? I was reading an article about a female Buddhist Monk who wants to achieve enlightenment and had to face discrimination because of her sex. But... it got me thinking - what exactly do people think enlightenment means and why should it be so hard to achieve it? So for those interested here is a spiritual question and I will be interested in hearing your thoughts.

  • Hi Pammy60,

    In my thinking, enlightenment is first defined by religions which put all the ‘thou shall and shall not’s’ into force. People come into this world (dimension, level…) as blank slates; then come the other outside influences. How a person learns or reacts by fighting or flight and the way the ‘lessons’ are presented to them all compound in human thinking to present a lesson or a reason to argue the facts before them.

    If you have learned to think things through by research, asking questions, and using ‘gut reaction’, there is the option of enlightenment all around. But one look at the world of today and these qualities are sorely lacking. Spirituality is a personal thing that our individual karma has given each of us depending on our need to learn a particular thing. We do not all learn everything the first time and sometimes 30-40 times still aren’t enough!

    Many arrive already enlightened, many learn by observation in this video on demand generation.

    But most unfortunately many do not achieve enlightenment in this lifetime either.

    In Light and Love,


  • well put 🙂

  • Enlightement to me means the awakening of the soul, the resurrection from unconsciousness. Divine intervention into a persons mind, body and soul.

  • That would also explain why it is so difficult to achieve. Because it is something we receive, not something we do. There is nothing we can do to be awaken by God, other that asking for it and deciding to believe that it is possible and that it will happen. The only way to make it happen is to pray to God for it and then wait for it to happen. That is why it is said that heaven is something that we receive, by emptying our mind, not something that we achieve.

    That is why Jesus said that heaven are in the children. Because they are intuitive and dont really use their mind like us adults at all. They are more clean in how they feel, more receptive to divine knowlege.

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