Do U KNow Mysticgames dot com?

  • Do You Know Mysticgames Dot Com?? If so, wanna share your experiences?

    Mine are bittersweet, Sweet because I won some likeminded dear friends in there. Bitter because too many skanks takes over and creates a hostile evil black doom like aura. It filled with discrimination of the worst kind. Racism is high on points there.

    There is rules for all who aint in with the popular crowd. Many of these skanks aint past the fight ridicule discrimination making people hurt and cry with their vicious attacks. Its ganging up and making good people suffer for the fun of it.

    At times Ive consoled myself and others that the skanks hs it worse and its why they do it. They do it because no one is there to stop them. They twist and turn the truth so the victims are threathened with banning and getting kicked from the site.

    If you read this and has been to the site, stay away if you dont wanna be treated as so many already has. these people wont stop until its dead. Locusts i would like to name them.

    Many of us who nolonger go there and refrain from it have warned admin of this turn and that it would come. To me is now has. The skanks has again successfully dismantled wrecked killed what was once a positive place of light love and good will.

    Now its worse than hell.

    My reason for posting this is to gather those who was hurt by these skanks, and aide us to move on in the spirit of light n love. Another to show if you dont take heed of early warnings what WILL and CAN happen. Further reason was to help each other understand what in the world happened, because many may ask, what happened.

    So join in and let us help each other to heal.

    B Stoker

  • Another of their favorite game is they start shit and when you blow and show you do NOT back down, they start the turning tables and before you know it you are accused of initigating messes. Typical MO of skanks. cant look themselvs in the mirror.

    sorry i just need to bloody well vent here.

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