Life Path vs. Expression(Destiny) Number

  • If I understand correctly, a life path of 8 deals with wealth and abundance. Not necessary seeking it but letting go and letting it come to you. And an expression of 3 deals with creativity and expressing oneself.

    I don’t feel that being an executive in a big corporation is me. I know that is a pretty simple interpretation but I don’t want to be a big tycoon or something.  I’ve been thinking about stand-up comedy and performing, maybe even acting. That seems to fit my 3 but then I do think about, “well will I ever make any money?” and I would like to have nice things – who doesn’t. I also have a family of 5 kids and a wife to support. AAahhhggg


  • I like to think of the numbers as energy that resonate with each and every one of us. Some numbers vibrate higher that the others (or lower). But it is still up to us to use it. SImply put: the energy is there, we just have to tap into it.

    So if you have heavy 8's in your profile I would definitely[use it] to your advantage as your more inclined to attract wealth, power, abundance, authority and achievement. Those who take note of this have an easier time accomplishing their destiny numbers (I use 'destiny' loosely as different brands of numerology may refer to it as something else).

    Lastly 8 is not always about money in a monetary sense. Money is just another form of 'abundance'. So use that 8 energy. Its there and you can definatly master it to your advantage no doubt. We were born with it.

  • Its to my understanding that, I'm fixing to repeat, something in my life.

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