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  • i did a reading for me n him , i got high preistess in love and me, the moon in the situation, two of cups in challenges. What does this mean? Where is our relation now and where is it headed......Plz reply to help me.

  • This is just speculation but since you are questioning your relationship to begin with, that could be why the Moon is in the situation position. You may be confused or extremely emotional (or him). This shows a time that you may need to look deep into your mind and your heart so you can both figure out what you want for yourselves and eachother. The two of cups in challenges relates to the situation because this card can represent relations, which you are questioning. Since you are wondering where it is heading, it may show a need to look within yourselves and resolve personal issues and love yourself more or it could mean that you can rekindle your flame with a little teamwork.

  • Once I got the moon in the situation position when I did the peace and celtic tarot on tarot.com.

    This was the interpretation:

    Situation: The Moon

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    Stay fluid. Refuse to believe that you are sure of anything.

    The Situation position refers to the general set of influences that surround you and affect your personal experience of peace. We all have to deal with conflict and are affected by the process.

    When the Moon is in this position, the established order of your world may have melted and mutated. Nothing is as it seems. People may be suffering from delusions, claiming their illusory myth is the true, legitimate and absolute one. Tension and fear prevail and everyone it seems is about to lose their cool. It may be best to slink into the shadows and wait this situation out, a perfectly sensible strategy for this card.

    If you feel compelled to navigate the landscape, stay in the light as much as you can while steering a steady middle course between extremes. Whatever could possibly happen is ready to happen. Take care by staying alert and centered. Do your utmost to avoid getting pulled into any emotional vortexes that may challenge your peace of mind.

    So I suppose this means that it still is in the development state, where nothing is certain.

  • Once I too got the moon in the love situation position, and this was the interpretation:

    Tarot images © US Games Systems Love Situation: The Moon

    Main (positional) meaning | General | Position

    Stay fluid. Refuse to believe that anything in your relationship is as it appears.

    The card that lands in the Love Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your relationship at this time.

    When the Moon is in this position, the power dynamic in your relationship may be changing. Nothing is quite as it seems. Both you and the one you are involved with (or want to be involved with) are caught up in your own version of reality, insisting that your truth is the only one. Distortions abound, and fear rules the day. This is not the best time for gaining clarity. It may be best to slink into the shadows and wait the situation out. If you feel compelled to navigate this landscape, stay clear of extremes.

    Take the middle course through this segment of your journey and maintain an objective outlook. Release any preconceptions you have. They no longer work with the current agenda. Stay alert and you can avoid getting pulled into any hidden emotional vortexes -- especially those of your own making!

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