Am i doing this right????

  • i am unsure if i have this in my head correctly what exactly is this and am i replying to this with the right idea.... do we put up a description of what our opinions on the matter or is like asking a questions and getting feedback? is there a right or wrong way to do this ???? humm?

  • you can create a new forum ( a question or thought) or you can go into something already exsisting and give you opinon. it really is nice to have something free like this and you never know when your words of encouragement will help someone!!!

    best of luck--your friend

  • hello this is a first for me. i can feel others pain so i feel things very deeply. but i have feelings about things that are usually right (when i listen ). Though recently a couple of other things happened to me. i was wide awake each time. the first time someone was with me in the vehicle and when i snapped back to realty they said (boy you was really out there) and i was embarrassed. Experience was a man and myself flying hand in hand thru the stars. i felt no fear.i was actually sorrywhen things ended. Another time i was moving very fast thru the air and very far like to another country. softly landed in someones yard, could see a carport made of stone and it arched, then the door was dark wood and thick and arched. inside (did not open the door ) but there i was and can explain what i saw in the entry room as far as furniture, tables and mirror. But i felt like i was doing something wrong,uninvited you know. A man in the next room knew my presence was there and turned his head my direction. somehow i snapped back again sitting in my living room in ahhh. I can't understand these things i'm dealing with or what to do. Any help out there

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