Right back to where I was three weeks ago

  • maybe you are right.

  • Hi Jungle B, its Lovin! Just checkin in on you girly. Oh my this has been quite torturous for you. I have been plauged by exs from the past as well too. It takes so much energy to wish for them back. Here is some advice I heard once that kinda stuck with me for awhile...when you spend a lot of time thinking of someone you are renting them that space in your mind. Now would you let someone rent your space for free? Especially someone who is hurting you? Its just something to ponder over. Everytime you fell yourself getting caught up in your thoughts and feelings for this man remind yourself that you are letting him rent your space for free. Then tell me how you feel about that! Okay just so you know I am a total hypocryte bc I do the same thing sometimes but this is just a little trick that has helped me to not think of whats his face. ( :

  • Thanks Lovin I will try it I doubt it will work for me but I will try

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