Cancer guy - how do i handle this?

  • Hi all

    Ive found out what I needed to find out with help from a pal n a pal of hers

    my cancerian was married ALL ALONG. ALL this TIME he was married. At the time it was HOT n HEATED he was MARRIED and beside his wife n me, he had ANOTHER he strung along.

    BOY what a LOSER!!!!

    He must have a REAL ASS self low esteem. I dont pity him n im kinda happy he married a shrew who will if he sidesteps take him for all he is worth. serves himn right.

    ill never get around to why men are like that. never!

    lucky 4 us ladies are NOT all men like that. Ive found a good decent one in my libra and u know what him ill stick to. Heck my oldest male buddy aries has more decency in his little finger than most has in their carcasses.

    ok im off my soap box n will njoy my 2 decent males more than ever b4 lol

    ta ta ladies

  • I've posted on other "cancer guy" threads..I've been doing alot of reading and it seems like cancer men have an entire different concept of time and space. Many women with these guys posted that weeks would go by without hearing from them and suddenly they appear and act as no time as gone by...and if they have any kind of deep emotional feelings for you they always come back...

    I have a very extreme example of this. I met this cancer guy 14 years ago, and he liked me but he was so young, I guess I hurt him by rejecting him. Well, I moved to the other side of the world to Asia from South America and back then not everyone had the internet yet..I didn't keep in touch but I did find him and call him just to say hi 9 years ago when I went back to visit. He sent me a few friendly e-mails a few years ago but then suddenly, last year he shows up at my door. I thought he had still lived in Brazil! I was shocked and I asked him what he was doing here, at my door even! he saids "Well, the last time we saw eachother we didn't part in friendly terms" WTF!! Last time was 13 years ago!! He's talking as if it were just a few weeks ago!! See what I mean about them having a totally different concept of time? I guess I hurt him 13 years ago and he never forgot, and needed "closure". Well, he was here for 5 days and at first it was friendly but "closure" turned into something extrememly passionate...he had moved to Asia-but a different country, we are in the same part of the world now. At first I was flattered that someone would think of me that long, but he hooked me with his charms...filho de p...(excuse my portuguese)

    I've seen him a few times since then, and the last few months it was getting hot and heavy and suddenly the communication cuts off to nearly nothing. He saids he's just gotten busy at work, they canceled his vacation because of other people quitting, etc...he won't e-mail or text me back like he used to.

    So, at first I was upset about this, but reading these posts I am starting to understand how cancer guys are. I am just laying low.I am not going to chase him any more. He'll be back. He was the one that was still stuck on me for 13 years, I had forgotten about him. If I meet someone else, fine. If he comes back which I am sure he will, I'll just have to see what happens.

  • @CharmedWitchBente --- It's DISGUSTING what these men can stoop down to doing !!! I wish you all the luck with your libra though... Its disheartening seeing how even in this century women can be treated...Esp. by 'Cancerians' LoL!! **** em buggers !!! I am glad I've finally disentangled my heart from my head and can now think of living w/o my 'cancer'.

  • HEAR HEAR astrodame HEAR HEAR!

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