Cancer guy - how do i handle this?

  • I really am proud of you Tarueen!!!! You are doing what is best for you which is the most bestest thing anyone can ever do for themselves. And you are right - Sssssllllllloooooooowwwwwwllllllyyyyyyyyyy! LOL is the way to go with them.....

  • Well I am a cancer girl and I know that Cancer men are a whole different kettle of fish, but as my male friends say, 'If he's not chewing your ear off, he's not interested'. guys are kind of easy like that. Also cancer people i know, including myself are not easy to get rid of if they are really up for it. He sounds like a player and not worth the trouble, cancer or whatever. I have had issues with obsessions like this and have found the fellowship of SLAA most useful to help kick men habits.

  • ladivina69, Thanks for your input.

    At this stage i couldn't care less if he is really interested or not. I do believe everybody deserves a second chance... BUT i'm not going to make it easy. Either you in my life... or you out of my life. I am not a toy to be played with when it suits him or any other person for that matter. I do have a full and busy life with no time for people playing games.

    hiprincess, LOL... i can't find you on either FB accounts... not even on Mom's or C'C friend list.

    Are you playing invisible.. hahahaha....

  • hi all. my cancer fella is just like that . he is alot younger than me and he says he loves me , but sometimes i dont hear from him for days on end . at the moment he is in india and dident even tell me he was going there until he was at the airport. he was there in june and while ther his parents arranged a marriage for him ... now i'm thinking he's getting married behind my back . but he call me 2 nights ago and i asked him if this is so and he assured me he was neither getting engaged or married , but can i trust him please help xxxxx

  • I'm going through the same, my cancer person, I'm so mad I don't even want to call him guy. this person runs in and out of my life like the wind, and like you I love him dearly but this last time I promised myself I can't keep letting him get away with this!!!! It's draining me. it's like the sun does'nt shine when he's not around...these cancer men are so loving that we open up are hearts and the strange thing about all of this, is that we talk a good game about staying away and not talking to them anymore. But I think I can speak for all us woman who are in love with these men we know that just thinking about them not being a part of our lives is simply unbearable...because we know where not going to find anyone more loving, more caring, more charming and more for us...deep down there's something that tell's us this is are soul mate. and I know they feel this pull also...because no matter how long they stay away they all way's come back, you see there very intuitive and they feel the passion and love as much as we do, even more because this is there god given birth right....So ladies! Let's get are man!!!!!!

  • hiprincess, it seem like your profile on FB is turned off..??

    I have once again deactivated my dating profile. This time it's going to stay off. I haven't replied to his last message and don't plan to do so. Let him get some of his own medicine.... lol

    If his intentions are true he will find another way to contact me. I found peace and not gonna give it up for games. I mean surely he can't possibly think it's only going to take a message or two for him to jump right back into my life. Anyway, bedtime for this girl.....

    Hope you all having a great time. Love and light

  • Taureengirl - it is my real name on FB go to CC or Momma Cap n I am Christina 🙂 I think i added you today actually?????

    I am soo glad you are doing this - you really are looking after yourself in this situation - which is exactly what you need to do 🙂 and keep doing 🙂 And you are right in thinking that if he really wants to contact you he will in another way...

    Im just about to run away from work now so I will write more tomorrow.....

  • hahaha chiyon I like your attitude LETS GET OUR MAN!! Problem is I think this is the very thing that drives them away. ) : Its more like I see you, come here, dont be afraid, i wont hurt you. Okay just a couple more steps, as they SLOWLY crawl sideways over to you. HA!

  • Well i dumped mine. Ive had it. Or more correctly ive done what he has done which is slowly cutting bonds one by one in sense of shutting communications lines. if any open they r slim old n should break at any time lol

    he aint a bad guy but getting nothing tears on ya goodwill. i reckon those i asked out at start were right, that mine was a tad of a player. sad when he felt so diff. alors

    i dont know. hell if i know how burnt cancer men act like. hmmm i think ill go google this. if i find a link shall i post it? lol

    by the way in case ya forgot who i am , nahhhh im impossible to forget LOLOLOLOL

  • Ohaaaaa well i found NOTHING we havent covered. Hurt cancerian males either cry weep r silent sulking for days n then out new date , go back n fro wheeping whining, working ass off not in touch with feelings whatsoever, or n is just hurt like all other male signs when a relatioship breaks up.

    Hmmm i reckon its a male thing in sense it hurts the old ancient dna cave man mentality, i provide u nurse. n if i fail to provide im a failure at everything. which explains the workaholic burnt men. N the oh im so sad bc now im alone waaahhh n after some days hello more fish in sea im gonna go fishing, LOL

    i swear cancerian males r as colorfull weird odd as any other dual signs.

    STILL doesnt explain some of their antics though. im puzzled but im nolonger bothered by it. im ok im puzzled shrug shoulders n go so what, pfftt ive got better things to do than let that mess my head up LOL

    ta ta gals

  • Charmed, I am sorry you are hurt by your cancer. Its been my experience that they can love like no other but they can also hurt like no other. Have fun fishin.

  • Hi I've been reading this thread and other threads on cancer men and I am starting to understand more. My God, they all seem to be so similar! It seems also that these men have an ability to really hook us into falling for them, even if we realy didn't intend to.

    I've been having a long distance thing with a cancer man for 7 months-we live in different countries in Asia. He's also an airline pilot so I have no idea sometimes which country he is in. He was very affectionate and communicative until about 2 weeks ago. We have not seen each other for 2 months, but after the last time we saw each other he used to text me, skype me, e-mail me and call me contantly, and I found myself falling for him. He was supposed to come visit me about now (end of October) Then suddenly he stopped answering my texts. I went up the wall, I am a Leo and I like attention. How can he say he couldn't stand being away from me any more and then 2 weeks later stop communicating? I once had a situation with another man who did that -he called me every day from Europe and wanted me to go visit him, he suddenly stopped and turned out he had passed away, so I got worried and finally texted him. I just said "Hi" He did answer 2 hours later, in between flights but very coldly "In Beijng, will get in touch" He had usually ended his texts with "kisses" but this time that was it. that was 2 days ago. When he said "will get in touch" I thought it meant after he got back from his flight. he used to text me even from the cockpit!

    So, according to what I am reading, this is typical behavior for a cancer male? This is my first cancer, I have gone out mostly with other fire signs and air signs. I find myself going crazy wanting to e-mail him or text him, but sounds like I should just let him be. Like most other women here, I don't want to lose him, But then I don't know if I would be able to tolerate a roller coaster if he is going to be hot and cold like this. All these months he was so passionate-or does that have more to do with him being Italian than cancer?

  • Hiya Luvinmylife

    well if i hadn´t let him hurt me he couldnt. anyhews ive got great rapport with my libra guy. he is now my sole concentration regard friendship n loooooveeeee.

    with each talk i feel he n are are more alike than never before. what grrs me is 1. we´re on diff continents, him usa n me europe SIIIIIIGHHH, 2. he has also been burnt n aint there yet. But if i keep my end up as to what ive done so far easy brezzy being meself all da way then i sense future with him looks bright n shiny.


    no i hope n pray so. talk about kniowing him for 10 years n this last year has we come further as friends n confidantes than in prior times. oh almost time to call him LOL Yayaaaaa im excited, im in LOOOVEEEEE n ill float for days on ends lol Gotta love that voice of his Theheheheheehehh wooohoooooo LMAO

    ta ta ladies, dont let that cancermale crap ya lol

  • Another day has gone by and i still have not heard from him. I am fighting the urge to contact him. I know I should not be taking this personally. But I am dying inside.

  • Luazinha.. another 8 days have gone by since i've heard from mine in India,, iIsigned into a message sight and he signed as well , signed out again, then he signed in again invisible to everyone so what does that tell you ..... But guess what ? A friend of mine has just contacted me from dubai guess? he's a cancer as well oooohhhh noooo what am i letting myself into , He wants to see me at Christmas when he comes home on holiday. Big question should i or shoulden't I . Help!

  • Ok mine´s OBVIOSULY back 4 abloody encore. NOT that I mind no bc he STILL has replies which i need. I smacked 2 diff decks yesterday, did some online spreads n all message was, what he n i wish with oneanother is emerging.


    i need SOMEONE, heck ANYONE to slap me with a reading regard my cancerian wayward burnt fireman. ASAP too. i wonder if im wise to call him up again. shit!

    anyhews if ANY can shed light on this PLZ DO! thanx

  • lindieloo-so you've got 2 cancers? Woow, one is hard enough to deal with! Follow your heart about seeing your friend on Christmas...

    charmed witch-I am new at this, this is my first cancer man...don't know.

    Well, mine contacted me on Oct 31 , 3 days after he texted me that he would get in touch...turns out 3 other pilots quit suddenly and he had to cover for them...he's an airline pilot, and no more texting from the cockpit I guess...they canceled his vacation so he can;t come see me then he flew out for 4 days...he should have been back today though, still nothing...he posted that he was in Shanghai 2 days ago on twitter. Just miss him so much, after months of hot and heavy texting and constant communication I'm down to a friendly e-mail once a week...I always knew at least what country he was I have no clue and he has his phone turned off...Is he just busy or is he being a cancer?

    Can't believe I had so much pride for being the strong independent Leo and I am letting a cancer tug at my feelings of insecurity...

  • Luazinha, H i well still havent heard from him in India, 11 days now . so i guess he has got married by now , so i have emailed him wishing him luck and told him where to go , hee hee. and of course I could not resist telling him about my new fella . U think he might get a little bit gealous or not ? As for my friend in Dubai he seems very keen and i have decided to meet with him at Xmas see how it goes ,and it gives me enough time to see if he is any different to my indian fella . If he starts ignoring me or saying he is busy then i'll know he is just making excuses just like the other one , then he will get told where to go to as well.. I will keep you posted and you let me know how you are getting on . take care

  • THese cancers are making me sad. Ugh. I am losing the will to keep fighting for a relationship that doesnt really exist only in my heart. I need a new guy to spark this fire sign back to life. This one just wants to blow smoke up my as. When will I learn? wah wah wah. I am done trying for the time being. Its getting dumb. We texted again the day after halloween. Its like he wants me to wait for him. What ever. IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU SHOULDA OUT A RING ON IT!!!!!

  • Luazinha, please don't take it personally. I, like you, am also dying inside. I haven't heard from my Cancer guy since Halloween night. He sent me 2 doz roses on Tuesday for our 6 month anniversary (dating), but he hasn't answered my calls/texts or emails. I know he's busy starting his new job in a new city, but this is ridiculous. I wouldn't think of not contacting him! Seems like all the Cancer guys I read about in this forum are all alike. Either we women just keep hanging on their string, or we continue with our lives and if another guy happens to enter the picture...oh well...looks like our Cancer guys will miss out! Stay strong and don't block your blessings.

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