Aquarian man sag female -any advice??

  • Currently intrigued by a aquarian male - we have flirted for years and now timing is finally in place. How are aqua with sag? Anyone? Oh my chart (sun/asc/moon) sag/pisces/taurus - do not know for sure but think he is aqu/gem/capr


  • Generally aquarian and sag are highly compatible.

    These two share a great zest for living and a forward-looking viewpoint. Neither will try to tie down the other. Both seek to explore possibilities to the fullest and they share an idealism about love and life. Aquarius is innovative. Sagittarius loves to experiment. There'll be imaginative fun in the bedroom and they'll probably find out things that would surprise even Masters and Johnson. They'll like each other too. True emotional intimacy may be slower to develop but prospects are wonderful for the long haul.

  • thanks for the insight.


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