Lost with a taurus male

  • hi everyone

    i am a libra female, i have met a taurus male over facebook,we were in a virtual relashionship for 8 months now until we meet , of course he was so charming and comprehensive and romantic at first , we loved eachothers : he couldn't stop telling me that he loves me everyday and i did the same! i am a faithful person since i had experience of being cheated on in the past i know how it feels so i cannot make another person have the same experience ! so i am still acting exclusive and turning down everyone !but it's been nearly 2 months now since he didn't answer my messages or he reads them without giving me a reply while he is always connected on facebook! i have even apologized to him if i did something wrong but i did not do anything! before he started this NEW fuckboy behavior his last message was that he loves me then he started acting like this! is he going back or i should move on ?why does he act like this?

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