A love compatibility please

  • Hi Captain, i would like a reading about the love potential between me and this guy.. his dob is april 7, 1986. and mine is april 8, 1985. And what should know I know about this guy? His personality?

    Thank you!

  • OK, make no mistake here - this can be a troublesome relationship for all kinds of interpersonal matches - friendship, love, marriage. Two people with the same type of personality getting together can get pretty chancy. While the attraction of someone so similar in nature is alluring, there will also be many problems with character flaws doubled by two. Both of you need to be at the centre of things, which may be a simple impossibility. A love affair between the two of you is likely to be tempestuous, adversarial, and mercifully short. Were it to run longer, both of you would risk burnout in a massive supernova. Rebound from such an intense relationship is likely to be attempted with a much more passive and less demanding type of partner. After a torrid affair, you two are unlikely to continue as friends - there will be little left in this kind of relationship after the passion has cooled. Marriage can only be attempted with great care and great courage. Ideally, it should also involve shared work or career to balance out its fiery energies. Power struggles and stress will build up exponentially in this relationship, depriving both partners of rest. In all honesty, the two of you have such extreme personalities that you will do much better with more normal, less remarkable types than with each other. You each want a partner to be something of an orbiting satellite around you, the star; should that partner be someone with similar desires like this guy, this demand will obviously not be satisfied. For the same reasons, a friendship here will have its limits, but if both of you have your own, mutually exclusive circles of friends, or 'sets of satellites', things may work out.

    Advice: relinquish center stage from time to time and allow your partner equal attention. Watch for power struggles as they can take away from intimacy and creative energy. Work on common goals.

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  • thanks for the analysis, Captain! despite what you said, I still might wanna approach him... do you feel if he has a girlfriend or seriously dating anyone at this point?

  • Yes I feel he is involved with someone, but not deeply.

  • OK thanks Captain..

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