Boyfriend broke up with me

  • my boyfriend recently broke up with me earlier told me he didnt no if he was coming or going, it hurt me to see him online on facebook so i deleted when i went to check his profile he had blocked me he dosent even show up anymore... is there any chance of us making up?

  • He's asking for space right now and you have no choice but to roll with it. Avoid isolating yourself and stay busy. Clean some closets--wash and wax your car. Hook up with girlfriends but resist talking about this. When he's ready to talk again THEN you can ask him in a non confrontational way what went wrong--it might not have anything to do with you. Spirit suggests it is his problem and you can't lose yourself jumping hoops to change that--it will exhaust you. At best he will recognize it as an issue he has with getting too close or feeling obligated by intimacy. If he at leasts expresses this then you two can work on it. If he is not ready yet consider yourself lucky he let you go as the rejection would have been never ending and you would be second guessing yourself with never knowing what you did wrong. Again, spirit insists the problem is his. You can't force him to change. Blessings.

  • HEllo Blmoon

    My name is Illona Jameson my dob is July 12 1961. I wrote too you before but you did not answer maybe you will this time. I was wondering if you could tell me what you see for me in the next couple of months. I am just wondering if there is some good things coming my way. And what do you see for me as far as money. And is my ex upset with me his dob is October 4 1974. Thank You so much

  • Hello Bluemoon I have another question. My boyfriend and I guess are finished. Can you please me figure out why he just stopped coming over too my house. We did not have any thing bad going on so I don't know why. Was he still with his wife when he was saying that he was not. And is he with her now and why does he call but he won't come to my house and then he talks to my boys and tell them that he is coming to see them why does he lie to me like he does.

    His dob 10-04-74 my dob 07/12/61 thank you so much for your help. Because sometimes I feel like he is mad at me like I did something wrong and I did nothing I was always there to help.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • we are currently back together now i just wonderd what you ment by getting too close or feeling obligated by intimacy?

  • just to interject angel

    i believe bl is saying that if he is starting to grow as a person he will realize he has these issues and if he is recognizing this he will come back to you(which he has) and not be afraid of intimacy/ getting close to you or is at least willing to make things work despite of his fear

    be happy he is back be patient with him let his feelings develop for you in his own way and don't pressure or rush things-- keep the lines of communication open and i am sure you two will be just fine

    relationships are work but if you two are meant to be and you both put in the time and effort the possibility of having a successful relationship could be very good

    good luck to you

  • Some people get uncomfortable with committment--it's not that the feelings are not real but they get overwhelmed with being close. You'll know if this is a pattern if this keeps happening. Just when you think he's getting closer he will pull away or create an argument over nothing just to make distance. Then when you give him space he wants to be close again. You can try asking him if he was feeling like he needed space and if he's always been like that. At least when you know this you won't get hurt wondering what's wrong. You just give him some space and do something else for awhile until it passes. You have to be ok with who he is. Talking about it while you are getting along is the best time to ask him how he was feeling when he pulled away.

  • Hi BlMoon,

    I am looking for a reason why my ex-boyfriend keep popping in my head. Every day he's in my mind and in my dreams. He dumped my 5 or 6 years ago. I have sense then gotton married to a wonderful man. I Love my husband dearly so why can't I get over being dumped?

  • I'm scared to talk to him about it because he starts saying things like we are slipping away im trying i really want to be with him i just need to understand how i can make this work will i have to just give him space all the time, i just need some advice on how i can avoid these arguments

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