Captain can I have a reading?

  • Hi captain,

    I don't know if you remember but you did one once before for me about compatibility.... ( and it was great!) can you do one about anything new?

    My DOB id 07/02/1972

    His DOB is 11/02/1967

  • Do you mean is there anything new since I last did your compatibity report (if that was what I did for you)?

  • yes, that was what I was wondering.

    Since I last asked you I have completely separated from my ex and he's in the process of doing the same... only he has moved out and his ex is still in love with him and making his life a living H^LL. I was not the reason he left...

    That he did without me... I broke up with him.... he left.... now he's in a and wants his freedom. I understand completely...

    It's just that I have this twinkle.... a little feeling... that even though times are tough right now... he keeps telling me he wants me around.... just no comittments.... which i do understand... and I know he wants to see what else is out there... and kinda so do i.... BUT

    I dunno.... my twinkle is telling me... "Relax Moon, breathe, he's your guy.... just not right now... let him get it together, but hang in there, he's your guy".

    That's what I was wondering about Captain as I see you've got a twinkle of your own! 😉

  • Well, this will always be an on-again, off-again situation. This guy will never commit completely to you. He wants to come and go as he pleases. He will never be 'your guy' as he intends to see other women too because of his strong sex drive.

    If you are willing to put up with seeing him just now and again, then fine. But don't expect him to change his mind and want to be with only you. Why would he change his mind when he can have many lovers who all make him happy? He has never been faithful to you or anyone.

  • Hey Captain, Thank you.

    I had a feeling of this... but like I said I still had the "Relax, breathe, let time take it's course... he's your guy".

    I think after talking to my family.... and thinking myself.... I am going to take the approach that this is what it is... take it at face value.

    I'll try my best to expect nothing... take it light and easy... just dating... and I wont close off my heart to the possibility.... of anything... including new people.

    I knew this answer all along... he told it to me... I think when I posted to you I was still searching for that diamond in the rocks...

    Thanks Captain!

    Be well,

    -Moon ❤

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