TheCaptain, I really need your help

  • hello!

    It´s like this, yesterday I was a photoshoot for a store and I saw this guy, I got a feeling in my stomache that I just could not leave without giving him my number, there was something about him so I walked in after the photoshoot and gave him my number on a piece of paper

    Can you please answer the following questions?

    Will he call or send a textmessage?

    Is he single?

    Did he laugh and threw it away?

    Will something happen between us? Like, will it turn into a relationship?

    Is he intersted or not?

    His name is Julios, that is all I know

    I´m born 1989 11th of august but I don´t know about him, my guess is that he is either just under 25 or just over.

    The reason to why I ask is because I just couldn´t get him out of my mind, it was like my intuition told me: You have to give him your number, I would never have done something like that if I didn´t see that there was something special about him, or am I lying to myself?

  • This man is already involved with someone else but it is not a stable relationship. You giving him your number made him think that he can be attractive to other women and so should not cling to an unstable relationship just for the company. I think your meeting helped both of you understand that you can move on from the people who should now be in your past, that there are plenty of other 'fish in the sea'. He may contact you when he is out of his relationship, but don't wait around too long as it may take him a while to move on.

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