Relationship with a Pisces...

  • How are they as partners? Are they romantic and understanding?

  • My experience with my ex of 15 years, in the beginning. But you know, I think as well it is how they are raised. I think mine was the negative Pisces, however, I can say...the sex was off the chain!

  • Hi,

    This is interesting to me. My ex and my best friend were both pisces and I felt I couldn't get emotionally close to either of them. I think some signs are more compatible than others, but there are several other factors, such as family dynamics etc.

    I am a Leo/Virgo with cancer rising.

    I'm interested in other's viewpoints.


  • Yes indeed, and from what I have always known Scorpio and Pisces were suppose to be highly compatible. From what I went through with my ex, I stay away from Pisces men, and men whose name starts with a D...LOL

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