Could you help me please (question about job).

  • I would like to ask. Am i a good teacher? or not?

    Not so pleasant situation happened today. My colleague told me that some students were not satisfied with my wok. They said that it was a useless lesson (my lesson). I don't know who they were. And don't know how to treat this information. I would like to know who they were, but my colleague doesn't say.

    This situation depresses me (

    I don't feel i like my job, but i didn't expected such complaints.

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  • They're kids - you cannot hope to please them all. Why don't you ask your class for ideas they might have to make the lessons more interesting or understandable or fun or whatever? Confront this thing head -on and try to accept that you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

  • I would also say that your colleague is what I call a "frienemy" If she was really your friend she would have been more constructive with you and provided advice or examples of similar things she had been through. Anything that would have been more helpful than just making you feel badly about yourself. It seems like she was gloating in a of those people who feels better about themselves by putting other people down.

  • Thank you!

    TheCaptain, i was also thinking that it is difficult to please them all, especially when we have a curriculum that i need to follow, I would like to ask them, but i don't know which group to ask and even if i asked them i can't change the lesson plan.

    My colleague told me about this situation and said that i probably for example hadn't talked a lot with them or hadn't discussed the texts with them, that i should be more enthusiastic and energetic, as i understood the students were bored.. And she thinks that i don't need to know who were these students, maybe she also doesn't know it.

    This lady is a good person, i think, i usually ask her questions, advice but this situation is strange.

    And the problem is that i can't be more enthusiastic about this subject, i don't like it, it don't find it interesting and i think that i really make mistakes and all these makes me wonder if i am on the right place.

    Today my another colleague also asked me why i don't ask questions about different text, because they are difficult and she is just worrying that i give the students correct information (translation) and that i must ask questions. And i don't ask her because i am afraid that my questions could make her think that i don't know something, i try to do everything on my own.

  • and today i started to think that maybe i prepare texts in a wrong way and don't understand something.

  • Enthusiasm and an energetic or interactive approach is important if you want to reach your students. It sounds like maybe you just don't care for teaching. Or maybe a different type of teaching is better for you....different age group. different subject, etc. ??

  • watergirl18, maybe another subject, but i am not sure. We need to be strict with our students so that they learn at least anything, and it is difficult for me to be strict, to check if they do their homework themselves and so on.

    My another colleague once reproached me for not beeing strict with the group of students she is teaching right now. That they are very lazy (and i was their teacher last spring). But i can't make them do what they don't want (

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  • Marishka,

    I'm curious what country you are in? The emphasis on being strict can be counter-productive to learning. You must engage the students in the subject in order for them to learn. Yes, there are always assignments to turn in and homework, but without getting them involved in their own learning it will be a struggle like you are in now. Find a way to relate what you are teaching to their own circumstances, lives, interests, etc.

  • Radiantsun, thank you 🙂

    Watergirl18, thank you. a former Soviet Union country. I just start now to think more and more that this job is not for me.

    Today again my colleague told me about another complaint (this time from another teacher). I got cold and another teacher (L) tough my students. And it seems like she was not satisfied with the way i teach. She critisized me that i do not discuss text with students (that we translate). And it is true, because i don't feel i really can discuss them fluently, this is my problem, but on the other hand, the amount of time was just enough to translate this text. And it is only September, just 3 lessons passed.

    I don't now how to react, because i understand it is my fault now. This lady (L) is always so demanding (((( i try not to communicate with her often.

  • Being a teacher requires you to be able to take charge of other people and I think you struggle in this area, Marishkaa. I think you seem unhappy in this job so you should perhaps look elsewhere to something not so stressful for you. What type of job do you think you would really enjoy? Perhaps something in Human Resources or customer service, the hotel and hospitality industry, the beauty/fashion/design industry, art/craft, counselling/career guidance or mediation?

    Don't procrastinate on this - it can be your biggest problem.

  • TheCaptain, thank you. What do you me "to be able to take charge of other people" - that i should control my students? I understand, but i don't like it, it is true ((

    And in general i prepare for the lessons, i try to give them as much as i can, but sometimes it is difficult for me.

    TheCaptain, i don't know what is better for me( this is my another big problem. I want to do something connected with economy ( but they are only jobs in the office), so not sure it would be better for me.

  • CAPTAIN you are spot on. I have been a teacher as well and you cannot be an alpha without confidence. You have to have a strong energy to run a classroom without resorting to abuse. Teachers often come out of college with romantic ideas about teaching. Some do end up realising that they have the education but not the temperament for teaching. The teachers who brow beat it because they can! They sense your weakness for being self conscious.A good teacher would have taken you under her wing and helped you learn how to deal with a classroom better. Most first time teachers are too nice is my experience and I have trained some I felt would eventually be great teachers but just needed a little mentoring. I have met some that I knew would never make it and where more suited for one on one guidance. I would never talk to a struggling teacher the way you described.....those people are toxic and too judgemental. Unfortunately you doubt yourself and attract abuse. As for students complaints......really? Most students given the chance will complain whether you deserve it or not. The best of teachers get complaints. A lot of times the class reviews are anonymous so the student feels safe in saying whatever they want. Saint Michael is an excellent helper for confidence....when you wake every morning say a prayer for confidence for the day....he never gets tired of your request. As for surviving adult criticizing you need to stand tall and develop a sense of humor . Speak up for yourself. Would you even dream of criticizing them?When you give a lesson you need to be part friend and a big part the authority figure. Your students must respect your lesson time! Whether they want to or not. A good way to involve students is to let them answer others questions so they learn an empathy for your position. After giving out information you can say there any questions? And after a question is presented you could say raise your hand if you can answer that. Simple things like this can draw in the bored ones and get the class involved. Interruptions or fooling around during lesson time should never be tolerated but nipped in the's more work but essential to boundaries. And never argue with a student. If they interrupt your lesson after warning you make them sit away from the rest of the class. You must be the alpha! Children are aware of your energy. So are the teachers. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon. Thanks to everyone.

    You are right, it is my lack of confidence and probably also my negative thoughts.

    Sometimes it is also depends on the students, because i had groups that seemed to be very friendly and nice, they did they homework and we had good lessons.

    I just think that i lack knowledge in the subject i teach, and sometimes it is difficult for me to speak the language sometimes.

    thank you Blmoon for the idea, it is good to involve them with questions!

    "Your students must respect your lesson time! Whether they want to or not." - I just thought that maybe i am really for some students not interesting and they notice my mistakes and so on, and in this case i think i can understand them . But when i was a student i didn't argue with teachers or expressed my dislike to other teachers. I thought it wasn't polite.

  • Marishka, i know exactly what you are talking about. i have been an English teacher for quite some time and i went through the same when i was younger. It took me years to gain some self confidence and at last feel at home with what i do. There were moments when i truly hated being a teacher and wanted so much to just leave and never come back. What made me so out of place is what the ladies have mentioned- lack of self-confidence and constant doubts in my abilities. With time i have learned how to be more assertive, how to gently:) 'force' my students to listen and participate... of course i know there's a lot i would need to improve:) but at least i feel i am the one who is in control during the class, not the students. There will always be those who are not interested in anything you offer, you cannot do anything about it and it is impossible to satisfy everybody- you need to accept this. I think it is important for a teacher to be friendly-yes but also consistent. When the students know what your expectations are and when you are consistent in enforcing that, they will adjust… From my experience students do not like chaos, they need certain order and organization, certain rules that make work during a class and the relations with the teacher easier. That’s my two cents.:) Good luck Marishka! i know you can do it.:)

  • Thank you moonalisa for you support!

    Yes i probably lack organisation skills, Today another teacher criticized me, ( i am still at home (caught cold) and she was with one of my groups of students.) She didn't like how students worked on the lesson.It seemed to her that i probably do not check their home work thoroughly. Everyone is complaining.

  • Do not lose heart Marishka. Now focus on your recovery and come back to your students with stronger spirit and faith that you give them something valuable from yourself because you do.:)

    Oh, and it's good to remember that a little humour from time to time during a lesson helps too.:)

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  • moonalisa, thank you much!

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