A Reading Request Please

  • Hi CoffeeGem,

    I asked the Archangels on your behalf, and they have several messages to offer you. First, there is an aspect of unforgiveness within you that is clogging up your emotions, so you are being asked to soften your heart with regards to the (past) situation and people involved, and extend compassion to your self, too.

    Also, there is a need for nurturing in your life. If you are having difficulty nurturing yourself, buy a moonstone necklace and ask Archangel Haniel to be close to you. You are not going it alone; perhaps you feel that you are.

    Lastly, you are being encouraged in your work, and encouraged to slow down your agenda for publishing. Take more time to enjoy the process, rather than focusing on the end-goal. Enjoy each moment to the fullest. When the timing is exactly right for your novel to publish, there will be nothing that can stop it.



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