A Reading Request Please

  • Universalharmony, I've checked back through the posts and offered an absent reiki healing which I am happy to do for you 🙂

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    Just for the record, I do not subscribe to, nor do I promote any particular religion.

    The Christ's Light is an energy; nothing more, nothing less, and has nothing to do with religion. Those of us who do not subscibe to a particular religion may feel better terming it, say, the Buddha's Light, or Universal Light, but it is not the Buddha's Light, or Universal Light. In order to simply "call it by its name", it is the Christ's Light. When we use these meditations, we are literally calling upon a particular energy through its source.

    I do not have any experience making substitutions such as "the gold light" in these particular meditations. Perhaps we can look into a different meditation for you to use.



  • Aliyah. Nor do I. I talk about Christ to illustrate the Light and the right path. That does not mean that other religions are not accepted as true aswell. No. The buddhism, taoism and muslims and jehova witnesses preach about that same light that we must surrender to and follow. It is a light that realms inside of us. I just happen to have read the bible, but I am sure that taoism and buddhism are equally from God. That is why I often say: whatever name we may call it.

  • Hello Ahliyah,

    Thanks for explaining. That makes a lot of sense too. This class I am taking is about meditation, dream journals, and tarots and my teacher says you are allowed to make subsitutions when it comes to things like who you are asking for help. She says you can adjust it to sit with whoever or whatever you believe, that makes you comfortable. But that is just one stance. Any type of meditations are great to know, this is what I am in the process of exploring. Whatever you feel like sharing is cool.

    Talisa72, that would be cool. Maybe we can arrange to help each other practice because I have started a tarot reading business about a month ago which is going slow and steady, but well. But I could always use more practice and would love to be of some help and I know you have been looking for practice.

  • Universalharmony, would love to work with you to get some practice. Congrats on your business, I'm sure it will be a success 🙂

  • Christ has reincarnated many times, just as we have, so whether you elect to call the Christ consciousness Jesus, or Buddha or Adam is not the significant factor. Faith is, and that is the ship, the only ship, that will sail us through the rivers and get us through the tsunamis of this life.

  • Universal Harmony~I do readings with regular playing cards, so if you want to exchange a tarot reading, and get some practice under your wing, I would be happy to do so. Just let me know. Have a blessed day!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    I wanted to write back and say I have been working on meditative practices through teaching myself tarot. My dreams have become more direct too! Been working through my grief through it, trying to heal my confidence. Sleep is getting better.....but can you tell me if clarity of what I want is coming anytime soon? I'm now unemployed for a few months and had a significant car accident ...but I'm happier that I'm not with that employer, I became a martyr. My car accident relieved me of a huge debt, so it took a lot off my shoulders, made me think more prudently about my finances. I do feel like there a lot of opportunities out there for me right now. But I'm having trouble with my confidence and my communication skills, though I know its there.

    You also mentioned something about a relationship and my blossoming intuition. I'm feeling the transformation of a new love who was originally a great new supportive friend (both critical and loving) .He's a cancer, I'm a capricorn--it's a little challenging.I'm a door closer (things are black and white),cautious, and emotional. He's emotional but he doesnt verbalize them, even more cautious, and he doesn't mind living in grey areas. I couldn't take it the greyness, I wanted him to say how he felt, he was always rational and cautious. So I told him it was kaput few weeks ago via the phone. afterwards my body was telling me I was wrong , I felt so depressed I just went to sleep where I had a nightmare of me abandoning him by mistake at an airport and finally seeing him react in an emotional way that I had been waiting for, it freaked me out severly...so I called him immediately and told him what happened. He told me how much I hurt him with my actions...Then he told me he had a similiar dream ...at an airport...I was moving to D.C (because I work in politics and I'm very career focused, where he's from) , I wanted him to react emotionally which he didnt so we had strife...he said the dream ended with him coming to D.C and us being together after some time. I just laugh with joy with that synchronicity. I'm thankful for the warning I was given. Curious what I could do to make them come more often? I promise to listen!

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