A Reading Request Please

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    Namaste! And i THANK YOU so much for the reply,

    WOW! At least 33 guides to each of us?! Thats alot!

    I wonder can my small room accomodate so many of them at the same time. LOL

    Din know that they have to petition to be guides. I thought they are destiny to be assigned to be with us. So they actually choose their human fellow who they wants to guide?

    I find it interesting that they work in group. So meaning they will have discussion for our (human fellow) issues or encounters in life? think about it.....very interesting and cute. hahaha

    Do they actually have more than one human fellow to take care of? 😜

    Previously, i do meditation at night before sleeping. But its just plain meditation....not thinking of anything. I do have goosepimples or flashes of different colors in my vision (blue/purple/red) and pure white sometimes. But sometimes, i got scared by the feelings. So i stopped my meditation immediately...Someone actually told me that i attracted the negative forces out there. Since then, i stopped meditating in the night.

    My friend advises me to visualize a white shield over my body during meditation to protect myself against negative energy. Not sure whether it works....din actually try out. Any advise from you?

    i am actually very sensitive to these energy.....going to graveyard, wake of relative etc makes me feel very uncomfortable. Especially i feel very 'tight' and 'pressured' at my forehead. Makes me giddy at times.

    hmm, I remembered another encounter where i meditate in the morning...feeling very troubled about some stuffs....and while i pour my heart out during meditation, i actually have this thought (did not actually hear voice though) that 'someone' telling me that the things i have encountered is sort of a test and everything will be fine soon. I feel that its male...like a fatherly figure. Petting on my shoulder telling me 'child, everything will be fine soon'. I felt very cosy with the feeling and felt serene and peaceful the whole day after the encounter.

    Maybe this is one of my guide?....i'm not sure. That is also the reason why i have this thought that maybe my guidance angel is actually talking to me, helping me out. And i hope to connect with him/them.

    Thank you for your advise. I certainly am eager to connect with my guide/s. Just that i dunno whether i will be scare or excited when i really hear a voice suddenly. hahaha....think i must get myself mentally prepare...else, will scare myself to death. Hahaha

    You offer starter class? where? through? how do i go abt it?

    i will keep a look out on the book you recommend....

    Once again, THANK YOU for the guidance.



  • Hi Fishy, you're most welcome. I hope the instructions made sense.

    Yes, white lighting yourself is important, but to that end I'd like to pass along some additional techniques I feel will serve you. If you like join the Circle of Gold by sending me an email. Read the thread in Divination but note that the address looks like a link, but is not meant to be used as a link, so just copy it, without the period at the end.

    There is way too much talk of negative forces going on in general, and most of it stems from religious, parental and generational conditioning. Occasionally I still get accused of being a she-devil, if you can imagine that.

    Let go of the concept that you are under negative influence. It just isn't so.

    Keep in mind that nobody likes going to graves and funerals.

    The pressure on the head feeling stems from a higher light vibration penetrating the one you currently vibrate with. There are ways of adjusting this, very simple, but it's all too lengthy to do here via forum message. To that end a bit of training and support, I feel, is essential.

    I'd also like to pass along some additional meditations that will help you at nighttime, so do contact me soon.



  • Hi Ahliyah,

    Thanks for the invitation. I have already sent an email to you.

    Hope to receive your guidance soon.

    Thank You.


  • NYmoonangel, I'm praying for you and your family.

  • My sincere gratitude to Ahliyah for your divine guidance. I'm honored to have been invited to join your gold circle and have done so 🙂 Thank you for your sincere prayers and healing thoughts..

    Amused59, Lolpet, Poetic555 and Azure2. My sons are my pillars of strength and both are dealing with grandma's illness beautifully in their own unique way.. one more reserved than the other. We believe in the "truth shall set you free". The 9 yr old is a healer and reassures me "all will be fine". Children are our gift from God. I will keep you all abreast of our progress. Thanking you all from the bottom of my heart. Blessings and love, lizzie

  • Hi Lizzie (NYmoonAngel)

    I've just come across your post on this thread and would just like to add my prayers and best wishes to your mum, yourself and your family.

    I will send some healing energy her way.

  • Blessings Ahliyah

    And thanks for sharing your gift with so many of us - you are an amazing person wo the world is blessed to have walking on it

    I would love it if you could offer me some guidance with my path in life. I have studied level 2 reiki training and would like to know where I am going with this and also on any aspect you can pick up.

    light and love

    T X

  • Namaste Talisa. I am guided to offer you the following messages:

    You are being asked to accept the opportunity to advance not only your career, but your self, too.

    It is an honor to have gifts and talents to share, and an honor to have these unique gifts bestowed upon you. Are you honoring your gifts with insecurity and uncertainty? You are about to 'set the mark' for others in some way; why not start by exuding gratitude, self confidence, and integrity (being aligned with one's true self)? These qualities are not foreign to you, merely forgotten. If you spend your energy diverting attention from your desire to mask a fleeting feeling of unimportance, you may delay the Good that is yours for the receiving. There are challenges inherent in any form of spiritual discipline, but these are for tomorrow's resolution as they aren't here yet.

    If you have too many things going on right now that are distracting you or sapping focus and energy, temporarily set aside what you can. Aligning with your priorities right now will go a long way toward clearing out the cobwebs and clearing the path ahead.

    You have made your way to this point through struggle, hard work, and a solid foundation. Don't let competition get you down; everyone starts somewhere, and what is yours will always come to you. Honor your achievement; honor the place you are about to take up in your life and in the world, and resist dissatisfaction on EVERY level.

    Life can be demanding; state your focus and intention, and be equally demanding of your self in those areas.

    You are primed to shine. This is where your skills, courage, and character come into play.

    Go forth; be fabulous!

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • This thread has become such a nice one. People are being so caring and helpful and I love it. As I have said, Ahliyah, you make me feel good each day seeing someone reach out how you have been. I can feel the positive light you give off. And today is just a beautiful day. I just had a quick question, for Ahliyah, or anyone with an idea. I was reading what you said to Fishy76 about the vibrations and my question is, I was meditating the other day, envisioning a golden light surrounding me, I got extremely relaxed and comfortable, and soon began to feel energy coming from my spine. It felt good, comforting, safe. The energy wrapped itself around me and I could feel it powerfully surging around me. Soon, I almost felt as if I was seperating from myself and that is when I felt it was time to slowly start opening my eyes because it started to become intense. I feel that it was really positive energy around me but I am not sure of how else to describe it. I wanted to know if you or anyone else had any ideas on this experience.

    With love,

    Universal Harmony

  • Hi Ahliyah, thanks for doing this. I love reading what you have to say because I can hear the calmness of your voice. I signed up for your newsletter a while back and appreciate the emails. Anyway, I requested a reading on the sam esubject before and I am still trying to get to the heart of the matter with an ex. Hes still my friend and I think about him alot and miss him terribly. When hes not around i feel like i am missing a piece of my heart. I wonder if he misses me too and if things will ever work out for us. What can I do? I am not sitting here all sad or anything just wonder why I think of him so much. Can you help me out? Thank you.

  • Namaste Universal Harmony. Good to hear from you!

    This sounds like what I call the gold-white mist; Christ's Light mingled with the presence of


    One tends to feel lighter and lighter as if you are loose in your body or may disconnect from it. It is accompanied by a sensation of rising up, or traveling higher. Like the fizzy lifting drinks in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, but more Holy.

    The better question is, what did you feel it was?

    The next time you meditate this way, consider affirming at the end of it,




    And it is so!

    Here's a good meditation to use:

    You speak it, then whisper it, then mentally:

    The light of Christ surrounds me

    The love of Christ enfolds me

    The strength of Christ protects me

    The joy of Christ fulfills me

    My heart in truth I freely give

    I trust completely in me, love to live

    That I may shine that golden flame

    To honor my true rightful claim.

    Hope this helps.

    In love and light


  • UNiversal harmony, I get that feeling almost everyday, its wonderful. I get this feeling like tingling sensations all through my body starting in my back all the way to the top of my head. I thak God everytime I get that feeling. I always thought it was the Holy Spirit working in me. Either healing me or moving me onto the path I am supposed to be on. I have also thought at times it was other peoples prayers touching my spirit. I have gotten that feeling all my life. I get it a whole lot more when I am having a difficulty or in emotional pain. So I know it has to be some kind of healing energy. I am glad you get that too. I wish everyone could feel this, its heavenly.

  • Namaste LoveInMyLife.

    I think everyone can relate to this experience. It is truly Universal.

    You are being asked to deepen your understanding of Love. Not just romantic love, but Love of All. By exploring love, by accepting this journey of spirit, you are being lovingly guided to the next level of understanding & knowledge of Love.

    Today I'm gifting you with everyone's favorite response: take an inner journey.

    You'll experience the healing that only you can give yourself, and be gifted with an even more miraculous experience of love -- a love for all time.

    In love and light,


  • Thank you I agree with you 100% but I still do not know what to do about my ex. I cant seem to get him off my mind. I dream about him, see things reminding me of him, and I miss him real bad. What can I do about this, if anything? Thats funny my son just asked me if I was writing my ex a letter right now. So hes vibing all over the place. UGh. sigh.

  • thanks Ahliyah...the thing is i have tried with jerry been trying for 7 years im at a dead end i have tryied loving him care for him tried to make him happy he tells me he dont feel the same this past weekend i found out something about him that has really hurt me i dont know what to do about it..i think i should give up on him...what do u think?

  • Dear Aliyah,

    I would like to request a reading on career, family life, love, and supernatural presences in my home.

    Thank you!

  • Blessing Ahliyah and thank you for your posting. I know that I just need to believe in my abilities. I have started to do meditation and reading many books to allow my confidence in what I can do and what I am about to be able to receive through giving another a reiki to say with confidence what I pick up. I thank you for your words and for your time. xx

  • Thank you Ahliyah. I am definitely going to write that down into my notebook. I must admit, I was never a Christian and even get uncomfortable saying things about Christ and Blessings when I am not a true believer. But I believe in the spirit of everything you wrote, the feeling, the intent. I will probably replace Christ with Universe for my own comfort and beliefs, but I love it. I believe the feeling I got was very much similar to what you described. Sort of my energy connecting with the universal supply. I really appreciate the affirmation, I have been writing and saying my own, but this will hold a special place in the new notebook I am getting tomorrow.

    Lovinmylife, I am so glad that you experience this sensation. It is a great one. And not that I assumed I was the only one, it is great to talk with someone who has. It is funny what Ahliyah said, about it calling to deepen your understanding of love. Not funny haha, just a couple weeks I did a reading for myself that said the same thing. I think this feeling is a sign to keep going and learn more but also that we are on the right track.

    Talisa72, I agree with Ahliyah. I get the sense of your ambition and talent just reading what you write. You have a strong energy, even online. I think with cultivation, motivation, and patience, you will be what you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve. Thank you so much for that offer on my page of offering a reading. Maybe we can exchange readings at another time 😃

  • Lovinmylife: Love is altruism. Love is sublimation. Love is to let go. Love is healing. Love is above your body, above your mind, above your heart. Love is our creator, love is God. So learn how to surrender to the divine love. Learn to believe in the divine love. Love is within us as long as we surrender to that Divine that realms inside of us. We must learn how to trust it, because it is the Creators Will, it is the light. It is what is meant by that we are created in Gods image. That means that we have The Creators Light inside of us, but we must not ignore it. We must learn to surrender to it and have faith in it. Because it is the essence of your soul. No human being can save you, only God that realms inside of you can save you. I am glad you got this advice from Aliyah and Universalharmony.

  • Universalharmony

    Thank you for your words and the wisdom that they hold 🙂 I'm not sure if you have me confused with someone else in regards to readings as I've not ventured too much into them. I occassionally use tarot cards but again, my confidence is lacking here as well. But I'm always up for a challenge, have a think about it 🙂 love and light xx

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