A Reading Request Please

  • Blessings Ahliyah......I am hoping that you could give me some insight as to what might be in store for me in the near future.....this year so far , I have tried to work on my spiritual life..I feel I have made some progress...I have also tried to do some work on myself...but sometimes I feel as if I am on a threadmill moving a lot but going nowhere...can you help shed some light...Love & light Ahliyah

  • Namaste Ahliyah! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your gift, Ahliyah 🙂 An absolute angel of light from the heavens! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will certainly join, I am honored for the invite!

    Blessings and much love to you!


  • Thank you Ahliyah, You are right I am going through lots of change in my life at the moment. I have recently split up with my partner, one whom I thought I was going to be with always, so it was a shock. There is an ex who got in touch (not my recent ex partner) over the past few months after a long time of not seeing him but I am holding back from him as I think he wants more than I am able to give. I would like to get back with my partner which is what is confusing me as another part of me just wants to let go and put my focus into my own life now. Thanks you for your guidance. Peace. x

  • Thinking of you and praying you will find all the strength you need at this time. Peace. x

  • Sorry that last post was for you NYmoonAngel. x

  • Namaste Ahliyah, I am intrigued by your gifts. Your readings are exceptional. Iam new to tarot.com but have studied astrology for many years. This past year I have undertaken a new spiritual path (although more like I have acknowledge the path I have been bumbling along all my life) and have gotten familiar with many other types of divination that have peaked my curiosity to say the least! Mostly I have been familiarizing myself with the laws of the universe, which has made itself evident on many occassions. I feel as though I am in a transitional year, and that some life-long journeys will either end or come to full course. I feel as though I am on the brink of something HUGE (in a good way). I realize that this is a year of fruition, where many years of hard work will pay off, and with my head held high I will say that I have worked very hard and I am eagerly awaiting the rewards. As I said I have acknowledged that I am part of a loving and devine universe, I accept all that is coming my way, I am ready and I deserve it. I guess I would like to see what the universe has in store for me this year. I have workd very hard the past few years (concentration in the last 12 months), and I am interested to see how you see this palying out. I was given a much deserved promotion a few weeks ago as acknowledgement of my efforts (as my boss said "the company cream is rising to the top"), unfortunately due to this eonomic crisis there was no pay increase, just a promise of more work, more responsability and the opportunity to be at the helm of a corporate restructuring. This new prospect leaves me hungry to impress (if anyone can restructure its me), butwhen will the increase come?? I am confident that universe has a plan to reward me for the hard work (just not now??) I would love to hear your insight.

    Brightest Blessings ~ Jo

  • Hi NYmoonAngel,

    I'm sorry you & your mom are faced with this challenge. I walked a similar path when Jack was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. It was really the 1st time I connected to Angels. I have 3 boys & they were very clear that they expected to be told the truth about their dad's illness. It was hard but I was honest with them. At the time they were 13-20 & my honesty helped form a deep bond which I am forever grateful> Not sure how old your children are but I can tell you children are very intuitive & know more than you realize-they wait for signals from us as to how to react to whats happening. My sense is you are the guidepost for everyone else- be sure to take time for yourself so you have the energy to help those around you & still be 'whole.' Ask the Angels for help & they will respond. Many times I asked for the strength to face each day & be able to help Jack & the boys - their presence was my lifesaver &source of strength. The Circle of Gold can also be quite supportive & you will give & take as seems needed.

    Sending you love, laughter & inner peace,


  • Hello...i havent been on this page for awhile ...is someone giving readings please can someone help me i really need to know about my relationship with jerry its so confusing hes so confusing can someone help me.

  • ahliyah, thank you so much. haha..actually, there are many brooding women in my life...:) and! i have taken a few courses for my currect major, but...i just added another major to it yesterday and then today, i was busy with trying to schedule basically the following four years of my life! i'm extremely indecisive and lazy...>.> now i want to drop a major and add two minors...T3T

    and...i do want to really be a healer, but...oh! my friend is taking a pysch class and she told me that all of those characteristics that you had mentioned of a healer is actually the same for someone with bipolar disorder...

    two weeks ago, a guy came up to me at school and asked me to listen to him share his christian faith with me. i had nothing else to do, so i just listened and pretended to be interested. then, he shoiwed me a diagram of two circles - the first one had a throne and the word self on it while the word god was outside the picture and the other one was the opposite. he kept asking me if i wanted God in my life, and i said...well, i jsaid i ust wanted to be in the middle. yes, i guess right now i am very confused, but still open to everything...(which i guess is my problem 'cause i am easily persuaded)

    i was wondering...what advice can you share on how to be more intune with the world?

    i feel like i owe you something too...maybe one day, i will become a healer and meet you! (is that creepy?...)haha!

  • Namaste Eforever.

    I am guided to offer you the following messages:

    There is a definite progression happening for you, and while I hesitate to sound very final about anything, this looks to be tied to your destiny in this lifetime. I'm not a numerologist, but the progressive numbers that come to me for you are 2, 6, 8, and 9. You may like to research these, as the vibratory definitions that I utilize for numbers are very personal to me.

    You are being asked to remove all that is stagnant from your life to realize (manifest) the potent creativity that comes with release, liberation, and freedom. This kind of purification may start with the body, eating foods that are wholesome, drinking what is pure, & getting adequate rest. Another aspect involves doing what is right for you and avoiding the tendancy to base your decisions on what others may do, or expect.

    You are artful in cutting through bull to get to the heart of the matter, and this is also necessary to rid your relationships of dishonesty and misunderstanding. Honor communication; exceptional people never stop communicating.

    Accept this cleansing process as a necessity in your life; handle it with love and in a sacred manner, allowing healing, not devastation, to be your approach. In this way you will strengthen the foundation of your life and nourish your desire to expand.

    Loyalty is a powerful teacher and its friend is devotion. There is love around you, yet you may believe it is no longer there, or you may be taking it for granted. Are you being loyal to yourself, and by extension to others? Have others been disloyal, and has this caused you to retract your loving heart in favor of neglect, rather than forgiveness? Reaffirm what you value in life; if you'd like I can send you an exercise that will assist you greatly in examining and perhaps redefining what has real meaning for you at this time in your life. (send me an email note if you'd like me to send it to you). If you are sacrificing your true feelings for fear of rejection or "loss", make allegiance to your Self a first priority.

    When life becomes overwhelming, it is the wise person who withdraws temporarily to walk alone for a little while. You are being given an opportunity to engage a period of calm to contemplate your purpose, and your reasoning. Ask, What is the purpose of my life? Who am I? Seek out a more defined Truth. Go inward to form a relationship with your own thoughts and Being. As human beings, our wisdom is unique. It represents a lifetime of knowledge and skill that we may later offer to others as tools for healing and learning.

    This is part of your destiny.


    in love and light,


  • Namaste Jo, and Welcome! I thank you for your lovely comments about my work.

    Let's get right to this, shall we?

    You are being encouraged to find the way forward that is best for you. Yes this is a time of forward progress, a space you inhabit between the far past and the future, a kind of seamless cycle of beginnings within endings. I call it, Worlds within Worlds.

    This is a spiritually fertile time, and it should be noted that you bring a great deal of vitality and optimism to the environment in general. It looks like you have the opportunity to collaborate with someone (a man, possibly a foreigner or an ex-pat) who shares this same dynamism and motivation to succeed. Let him set an example for you to follow; he brings with him opportunities for you to turn the tide in your favor, so to speak.

    Be aware of the potential for tension in peer relationships and don’t allow fear to make you revert back to previous feelings of inadequacy. To counter this, remember that you thrive in situations that require originality and vision. Follow the rules, know your stuff, and keep your standards high. You’re going to have to stick to your game plan for the time being and do what works within the system. Avoid being emotionally attached to the work, your role in the company, or perceived future benefits. You are there to work for yourself, for your growth and experience, for as long as it serves. You’ll know when it's time to renegotiate, and when that time approaches speak plainly and don’t get hung up on the details.

    You radiate prosperity and exuberance, and have the ability to effortlessly brighten a room with your presence. Let your current work and high spirits bear fruit over these next months. State your case at the right time, and then be patient as you await your answers. Envision your harvest arriving before or by Spring, just as the sun makes that subtle shift into its promise of warmth.

    Use your downtime to continue your spiritual work, and hold onto faith in your future. Your aura of (ingenious) creativity and personal power will help sway others positively, but avoid a monetary compensation mindset as your only reward; to deny the Greater abundance of your worth, work, and Will, and the joy that comes from living a good life well, may only lead to lack. Keep your focus clean.

    Hope this helps.

    In love and light,


  • Namaste Smallbit.

    The question is, how will you know anything unless you try? There is a need for ownership of your desires, and a need for having confidence in the moment -- without regard or expectation for future commitment, whether you have been together for ten days or ten years. You have run headlong into those old familiar fears and doubts, but without some self examination, those doubts will only magnify to a point of implosion. What you need to work out must be done through first hand experience. There is no getting around it any longer. You can step out of this rut forever and let it all fall until it 'feels like the first time' again. (forgive the 70's song reference)

    Making assumptions is hurting you; allowing your mind to dwell and run wild with dramatic possiblity is also a no-no. So, in addition to working out those pesky issues that are plaguing you, you are being guided to follow your heart. Your confusion about Jerry comes from within. This is not to say Jerry is making things simple or consistent. But when you decide to leave your comfort zone, something magical happens.

    I recommend you get out more, on your own or with your closest, most trusted friends. Avoid the temptation to go beyond the bounds of propriety when you do. Life is an adventure, and it will only be what you make of it. In the process you'll find out what is truly important to you.

    In love and light


  • Hello again TaMR. May I know your first name?

    So you wish to know how to be more in tune with the world. A wonderful statement of purpose.

    Need I state, 'go within?'

    Like many many people on happy planet Earth, (an object that orbits a star but does not shine its own light) you have been bamboozled into believing that what you see touch feel and taste (on a good day) is All There Is. To begin letting go of twenty odd years of programming, I recommend you begin simply by asking a series of questions to which only you have the answers. Why do I define myself as lazy? Why do I have difficulty focusing? What do I want from life? Who AM I? If you found out in this moment that you would not die, but would live forever, what would you do? Who would you be? Why would you be it?

    Every answer you get, ask yourself Why five more times.

    You have a core of peace. You have yet to delve down deep into that core of peace, to find out exactly what is contained there. (hint, it's all good!)

    It is only by knowing our selves and our True-with-a-Capital-T capabilites that we begin to understand:

    Love is all there is.

    We are all One.

    We share the same experiences.

    What I do in this moment affects untold numbers of people, creatures, and the Earth herself.

    Decide here and now that you would like to be the Star I mentioned above. Decide that you no longer stand for being a planet in rotation with no light of its own to shine.

    You have untapped gifts yet to be revealed, words of wisdom to share with those whose ears are eager and open. You have a call to answer and a healing vibration that will change the world simply because you are in it. I could go on here about a practice of meditation and beginning a spiritual, er, quest. But you have to decide for yourself what matters to you, and how you are going to be that in the world.

    Unfortunately, we have not yet been gifted with eternal life in our physical Earthsuits. That was just an exercise to help expand your thinking. : )

    However, if you put two dollars in your pocket and tell G-d today that this money is His to do with as He wishes and would He please guide you, He will answer you by showing you exactly with whom to share it. Keep that two bucks in your pocket until you receive the answer, even if it takes a week.

    If you want to experience the Beauty of the world, hold open a door for a mom struggling with a stroller today. Smile widely and cheerfully at someone who looks harried, or sad. Meet the eyes of a cashier with a warm and steady look. Let someone else go before you in line. Say thank you like you mean it. Be willing to stand in the rain to help someone carry an oversized object.

    In being these expressions of Good, you have already begun to live your destiny and change your world. You are what you are inside; by paying attention to it, this is how you can be more in tune with the world.

    Great blessings of love, light, and peace,


  • My name is Monica. Thanks, Ahliyah!!! 🙂 now, i shall go forth and get ready to live this day! i'm excited!!

  • Namaste!


  • Hi Ahliyah,


    Thank you for the good work and spreading of light to all of us here.

    I have a small favor from you.

    I understand that each and everyone of us will have one or more spirit guides around us guiding us in our life which we may not have seen. I think i do feel him/her or them sometimes.

    May i know how can i communicate or identify them? You have any idea how many are there around me? and if they have any advises for me in my life and how to proceed to the dream i have.....they should know my dream ;D

    Thanks in advance for the help rendered.

    I very much appreciate the light and love spread by you.


  • Hi Fishy, thanks for asking. What a wonderful opportunity you are giving yourself!

    There are at least 33 guides to every human. Guides were once in privileged human form and when they earned the equal privilege to no longer come back here, they could then petition to become guides to humans, a most honorable request with lengthy training. We'll skip the talk of monads and soul clusters right now, but suffice it to say, it's a big deal to become a guide.

    Guides work in groups and they typically have one being who speaks for the group. When I had guides, usually it was just my lead guide, David, who did the contacting and the talking. (yes, you can outgrow guides). They also can switch out over a lifetime; I had two different sets that I was aware of.

    You have a guide for pretty much everything: finding things, knowledge, wisdom, healing, you name it, they do it, get it, or teach it. Their job is to assist you on your earthplane journey, hopefully one of accelerated growth and enlightenment. But, there's no need to rush. You always go at the pace you can handle.

    They will also assist you with transitions from one vibrational frequency to the next. In the 90's San Francisco, we called this a vibe-illness. A spot of pressure on the head, or a feeling of lightheadedness, nothing debilitating. Come to think of it, that lightheadedness just might have been the smell of smoke wafting from open bedroom windows on Haight Street. (I refer to incense, of course.)

    So, contacting your guides. It's a bit tough teaching this on paper, much easier doing it by phone, however, here's a decent start.

    Sit quietly; breathe. Close your eyes. In your inner vision, focus your attention on the area of your third eye. To do this, allow your eyes to roll toward your nose, and then look up. Don't strain your vision doing this.

    On every breath, pretend you are breathing white Light through your third eye.

    Notice colors, feelings, tingling, changes in temperatures. Just notice. If you hear a voice, mazel tov! (congratulations)

    Then say "I invite my guides who are of the highest order of the highest Christ Light to please come closer to me now ". Tell them you are inviting only those who are of the highest order of the highest Christ Light to take a step closer, and that you are interested in discovering your divine relationship with them.

    Then, notice. Do you feel a spot of warmth or pressure on your head? Did the colors in your inner vision change?

    Regardless, have a one-sided conversation with them. "Hello, it's me, Fishy. I like basketball, cotton leggings, and Bob Dillon. What do you guys like? Pretty big on that whole G'd thing, eh? Well, I live in Nebraska, you know, and it's pretty cool here. What do you guys do for fun? How can you assist me? What should I do next to get closer to you?"

    Just wait patiently. You may not notice anything at all the first twenty-one times, but when you do on that twenty-second time, you'll already be a pro at the first steps, so it will take much less time to 'get there'. It may make your heart thump like crazy when something HAPPENS (cue dramatic music), but it should always feel 'good' or pleasant to be in the presence of your guides. You'll likely hear a tiny voice, see colors, or experience a rush of warmth.

    This constitutes merely one method of going about making contact.

    I'd offer you the opportunity to take a starter class with me but that would mean the moderators will start watching my every move, and we can't have that. So, you can purchase any of Sanaya Roman's books, still available after all these wonderful years. She's at Amazon. If you can get a used copy, buy the book, The Education of Oversoul Seven by Jane Roberts.


    Of course your guides know your dream, Fishy! They just don't care for me to know it and I never play guessing games. If you want to proceed consciously toward your dream with your guides onboard, do start this practice. (hint, they are already on board. just ASK them to send you what you need and be specific! they watch you brush your teeth every day, leave for work, flop down on the sofa -- truly, you are NOT a mystery to them.)

    Oooh, and remember to follow up by posting a little something sometime about your experiences.

    Well, time for me to dash for the day.

    Fishy, do give it the good college try. You'll be very happy you did.

    Love light and joy,


  • Blessings Ahliyah....I feel very empowered by your reading....I believe deep in my heart I already knew that the time had come for change...and I have begun ...just sometimes I lose hope and waver a bit......Thank you so much for all your good work ....Love and light Ahliyah...

  • NYmoon angel

    I hope and pray that you find what you are looking for, and soon. My thoughts are with you at this time. I joined the circle of light a short time ago, and hope that you will find that it brings you as much help and support as it brought me. May you also find the strength to share your burden whilst you search for the person to help your mother back to health. It isn't always easy to ask for help, but it's out there. Have faith. Sending you much love and good wishes. Love and light.x

  • Power = No more wavering. : )

    Ask the Archangels to buoy your faith if it wavers. It's all okay. It's all to the Good. You will get to where you desire to be. (pinkie promise, as my son says)

    It is my honor sharing sacred space with you.

    In love and light,


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