A Reading Request Please

  • Hi Ahliyah

    Do you have anything that you see about my future? I wrote a post on page 2 here.

  • Namaste HW.

    The questions you pose are good ones and at the same time there is a deeper question than the latihan underneath. The purpose of your healing is your own healing. What you do tomorrow has nothing to do with your progress today. So it is more the rebalancing of your energies, beginning with the feminine, that is of greater importance. Once this has reached a level of positive equity, you can then incorporate the masculine, which is that of action -- and purpose in action.

    So bringing others to latihan is not truly the concern, yet you are making it the concern, or the reason, or the destination.

    What you have to give right now is worthwhile and is worthy of pursuing. Yes, you may feel that you are not healed and thus must retreat from the world for a while. However, consider this; do you not have something to share with others right now that is 'good enough'? I am betting that you do. : )

    It is only by shining the light we are right now that we can continue to draw in even greater quantities of the light. What use is a sharpened pencil if we do not put it to paper and write a love letter?

    You are working to bring others to Source, a noble pursuit. Your desire to see others join together in love and peace only requires that you shine your Light every day to the best of your focus and ability. You need not begin by going door to door. Just be there, at the door, and hold it open for someone. In this way you fulfill your destiny in ways you cannot yet imagine.

    in love and light


  • I know. What I truly and mostly seek is my own healing. And there is nothing I must do to have a group with me who supports me and loves me all the way and vice versa. Who would not want that in life? But I know that all I can do is to receive and let the receiving become part of me. Only when I relax and let go of my outer goal, and focus on my own healing, only then other people will be able to see that the healing I "preach" about actually is working for me. I have to practice what I preach. It demands so much patience from me. Patience to become healed. I used to think that the healing process was a lot shorter. But really, it is really a lot longer than I ever imagined. Once I have reached one stage, then another emerges. I have to be patient, so that I dont leave the whole thing myself. Although then I will feel that I failed. Thanks for the good words. I was just hoping that someone would say: Yes, this and that will happen, etc, etc. But I really am just stalling my own healing when I look for answers in others. Cause that is the whole point; to trust the guidance I get myself. Thank you for your time.

  • Coffegem, that is great. Writing fiction is no easy task. I really wish you happy writing 😃

  • Jalin95,

    You have a gift for turning adversity into personal empowerment.

    I wonder, are you a single parent?

    You are being guided to look at how you are holding up psychically, physically and emotionally to the stresses of life. Perhaps you need to pace yourself better so that you are able to maintain a manageable level of endurance.

    Incorporate a more holistic approach to life that includes healthy mind/body philosophy. I encourage you to seize personal time to replenish your self whenever you are able. Learn how to integrated the positive and supportive aspects of your yin and yang, your male and female selves, by drawing their wisdom into everything you do. Consider the male as practical, and the female as nurturing and protective.

    Look to someone who can be a guide or model for you of practicality, security, & creativity. Be ready to work hard, be effective, and step forward with focus and peace. Let go of a tendancy toward excitability.

    It is endurance that is being asked of you, but this difficult time period is not without reward. Some rewards are coming as support from outside, - likely from a businesswoman or a parent - I feel it is a woman who will challenge your beliefs or offer you a very smart opportunity. Other rewards are coming in ways you currently cannot imagine. Keep your faith; if it falters, ask the Archangels to buoy your faith. You are not ‘going it alone’.

    In love and light love and light love and light


  • Hi Ahliyah, I'm writing this to get your insight on two images that appeared within the last year. I had visited St. Michael the Archangel Church (I go to St. Anne's). A day or so later a reflection in my bathroom was of an archangel. It had the shield in hand, wings and dress. The colors were blue and orange. The second image was on a wash cloth that had designs on it--brown and beige. The way it was hanging formed a lady's face with a child she was carrying. I showed these to friends. Although images appear randomly, a lot of the time they are in my bathroom. I know a little of your background and wanted your perspective.

  • ps--Forgot to mention the angel had no features on his face, it was blank. The lady was smiling--which made me very happy (made me cry.)

  • hi, you guys. i'm kind of new to this. i've never had a reading before...could someone please do one for me? haha...maybe this seems trivial, but i need help on picking a major...if not, thanks a lot anyway. 🙂

  • Aliyah; I just reread your answer to me. I think it was a good answer. You are very intelligent in your choice of words. Now I understand what you mean with the feminine first, the masculine after. That concurs with my vision: Before a person can act on a mission, the person must be healed first. I have for one month now been in this forum to see if I am really clairvoiant. And I am certain that I am. That means that what I have seen for my life in the future will happen. It will happen, because it is not just fantasy. It is real. It really will happen. And the healing that I have seen for myself, will also happen - I have moved towards that healing ever since I started on this mission.

  • Namaste HW, you are a woman of great wisdom. By gaining your own understanding you have stepped up your own healing. Good for you!!

    Great blessings of love light and BLISS,


  • Namaste Dalia, great to hear from you. My first impressions, and barring the obvious, are Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. Have you chosen a Master Guide yet?

    You may choose any of the enlightened etheric beings you desire. This is also very helpful for the ascension process.

    Water represents emotion and water is a powerful material force because it molds and shapes itself to whatever is around it, or is in its way. I feel there is a deeper message expressing; to allow your emotional self to flow, and to flow around all obstacles. There is some occasional cause for minor concern that your emotional body becomes blocked; the very blockage, that water of emotion, is also the cure. Let it flow. You're emotions do not define you. Become as ashes in the wind when emotions seek their expression.

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • Namaste TaMR,

    Frankly, it looks to me like you've already completed a course of study.

    There are some guarded or defensive learned behaviors going on inside you. I see them as stemming from the lack of paternal guidance through your growing years, and a resulting mistrust of the world in general.

    You are being guided to ask what side of yourself you are concealing from the world, and why. There is a need within you to find greater meaning in what you offer the world, yet the very facets of that 'greater meaning' are being concealed inside you. What facets of your life would you like to see revealed and honored by all?

    Pausing to rest in order to decide what direction to take may be making you feel that you are "questioning your resolve". It also seems that you are moving too much in one direction in order to avoid conflict. There is a brooding woman in your life who you are allowing to put you off your path and question your beliefs.

    Whether you are responsible for her, er, well being, or not, whose life is this anyway? She must come to her own self sufficiency and respect and appreciation for hard work. Her dependancy may not end of its own.

    I see you in the medical or scientific field - perhaps you merely have a legal issue in your life right now, but there are aspects of the 'ajudicator' appearing, too, as if you are the go-to person for protection or enforcement.

    You are a healer. Will you pursue this? Issues that go along with this are not knowing who you can trust; fear of abandonment; and vulnerability issues. Very often healers have survived harsh times, including physical illnesses or accidents, poverty, war, not being valued by the family. They often fall in love with "fixer uppers".

    The healer's greatest strengths are their intuition, quickness and intelligence, and a never ending practice of high level trusting communication. They learn to honor vulnerability through intimate communication. They are proficient in self reflection. And above all, they succeed by healing themselves first, and offering their experiential wisdom. When healers overcome the basic fear of vulnerability, he or she can go forth and make those deep connections with others.

    Healing is about helping others trust and accept themselves as they are right now by guiding them through a process of self inquiry.

    Is this you?


    in love and light


  • Hi Ahliyah, can you offer me any guidance about my life at present, I would be very grateful. Peace x

  • Hi Ahliyah, I'm glad that you brought up the free-flowing state of water, also the emotional side of it too. Water does play into the message although I have been concentrating on the images. What do you think of water as purifying--purity. That just came into mind. Maybe the life giving force.

    You actually focused on what I have been thinking as far as emotions. I have to remember who I am because if I lose that then I lose my happiness. In my personel life sometimes I can get too carried away with what others throw at me. I react to them instead of remembering who I am. That is something I think everyone forgets. I have been on vacation a week and it actually took me about 5 days to throw-off the anxiety, worry and basically thoughts of what others think. I think it's sad that one has to get off to themselves to remember who they are. And that's how it's been. Do I like myself, I love myself. As you say, I have to remember to let the emotions flow. Thanks for responding.

  • Hi, When I think of the ascension process, I think of what happens upon death. I guess the ascension process is anytime and should be thought of that way. I did this upon being confirmed into my religion. I took St. Anne (Mary's mother) as my confirmation Saint. My father recommended it as Ann is my middle name. I think we could think of anyone particular person that we can relate to. Especially if we are in a certain field. In my own personal story, I was away from the church when God as the Holy Spirit came to me. I believe He has given me constant reminders of His presence (and others.) I have not called upon St. Anne or invoked her help, although I know the Holy Family helps us all. What works for me is to talk to Him like He is beside me. I tell Him about my trouble, pain, joy etc. It works for me.

    I have different ideas about things in general everyday. The latest is what I term the "mob impact." It crosses my mind especially today. I guess everyone knows that Pres. Obama will receive the Nobel Peace Prize. What was especially annoying to me was all the negative insight he was given from the public. I don't think the Nobel Committee was looking at politics. Probably his message and the impact he's had in all countries. Isn't it nice that he'll receive this in his lifetime. You know, just like a lot of other countries, servants of peace get assassinated. Something to think about. I'm glad he got the award.

  • Hi Dalia, what you mentioned in your first post on Monday is quite common. (and do forgive my ins and outs here- my son has been sick for four days)

    You're at a point where you're mastering your emotions and psyche - congratulations! It's a great place to be and all the work you're putting into it pays off big time. You'll bounce back and forth for a while (or years) and then it'll suddenly accelerate and become incredibly simple. With the purified psyche as the bridge to ascension, well, you know...

    Your mention of water and purity reminds me of something; the Water of Life, the Fire of Life, and the Breath of Life.

    I'll be back a little later to add to this.



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  • Namaste Azure.

    I am guided to offer you the following messages:

    Congratulations! you're in a growth phase. The hallmarks of this particular period of your life are a fresh start, a new vision, and lots of effort. You are asked to become like a student again, to stay open to ideas and new experiences, and realize that while you have earned your first stripes in the game of life, there is plenty more to learn, do, be and achieve. Avoid a tendancy to want to live on the edge, out in front, for a while, and don't let your dreams get ahead of the work that must be done. It is the motivation to achieve your dreams and a steady application of effort that will lead you to your goal.

    You may hear from an old friend or an ex, who has an offer, project or idea to share with you. If you take this option, it will likely lead to financial gains, but resist any attempt made by this person to involve himself with you on an intimate level. He has a lot to learn, and his immaturity has not experienced the requisite growth needed to make him a viable partner. Too much free spirit and inexperience, not enough calm and focus as of yet.

    The keywords for you right now are independance and optimism.

    Hope this helps.

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • Hi Ahliyah 🙂

    My mom has just been diagnosed with stage 3b ductal carcinoma. I'm still in shock and cry when no one is watching, especially my 2 sons. I need to make a wise decision about her treatment. I am praying I'm able to find a surgeon that would remove the tumor on my mother's breast without chemo. I've always had angels around me.. will I be able to find the right treatment for my mom soon? Any feedback will be immensely welcomed and appreciated, Ahlliyah. Much love to you.

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